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Baby, it’s STILL cold outside!! Where’s Spring?


Boy is it cold out today! It’s 58 degrees outside and cloudy, it’s not as windy as it was the first Sunday I had to work out here. On that day the wind was crazy high, but the sun was out. No sun today. Maybe tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, my friend should be coming up for the Junk-o-rama Prom!. I scored me a dress yesterday. However I might have to wear leggings under it just to stay warm! (see dress below) I’m sure the vodka will help do that too! I’m excited for her to come up, and finally have someone to look at all this junk with! I need to go back to one place that has some pieces my other friend can use to make some steampunk jewelry with. It’s the same place that Speed got his mother a cast iron skillet from, he went back just now to get another one, it has individual pie slices, or something like that.

So yesterday was our first day on the Fast Diet. We had our breakfast which I discussed yesterday, but that was before lunch time came along, which we had planned to skip. I made sure to drink plenty of water, because sometimes you mistake hunger for thirst. So I was out shopping for my prom dress when I got a phone call from him asking me what we were going to do for lunch. I told him nothing, then he complained that he was feeling nauseous (which is a common complaint from him to prompt me to cook for him). I then told him to drink some water. I got back to the booth with my dress (that I scored for $29, when I had budgeted $30) and by then it was sprinkling. I was only back for an hour when we were thinking that we should pack up early because there was bad weather coming. While we were bringing stuff in, a woman in a van on the road told us to take cover, because Smithville just got two inches of rain and it’s black in La Grange. You could feel the excitement in the air then! Everyone around us started working faster to get everything packed up. Right as it was time to ride the scooter back to the travel trailer we started getting bigger drops of rain. We were heading home by 4:00. (see a cool pic that I took from the truck going home below)

When we got there I of course had to start cooking for Speed, and I had already planned that we were going to have boiled shrimp and a salad. The only major pain in the butt was weighing out every little thing for the salad! What I found very surprising about the meal was that I really only need 2 tablespoons of dressing! I was completely satisfied with that amount. First off I use Kraft Caesar vinaigrette, which to me tastes similair to the dressing they use at the Olive Garden, and it’s only 70 calories for the 2 tablespoons!! YUM!! So that was awesome. Usually for the shrimp I mix ketchup and horseradish together, which I still did, just this time I had to measure it out. Ketchup has 20 calories in 1 tablespoon, so I mixed up three for both of us and it was plenty too! Apparently I’ve been wasting a lot of dressing and ketchup! I almost started to get a headache, which I usually do when I don’t eat when I’m hungry, but it went away as soon as I started eating. We each had 12 shrimp, about medium size, which was only 84 calories! I told Speed that we will be eating a lot of shrimp.

Anyhoo, while I was cooking Speed was checking the weather on the computer and he saw that hail was coming. He ran outside and put the cars into the garage, and by the time we started to eat it was hailing. We saved one and put it in the freezer. In case you wanted to know hail sounds extremely loud on a metal roof! Another storm passed through during the night, I knew this because I had to get up and pee after drinking so much damn water! Annie, one of our dogs, apparently doesn’t it like it when it really storms (the kind that shakes your house) She jumped up on my bed during the night, but she doesn’t know quite what to do. I tried to make some room for her, but she jumped off. This morning she was sleeping in the hallway between the two rooms. Our new orphan dog, Bo, that showed up on our porch a few weeks ago, slept in the utility room. We put our old dog house on the porch, but since it was going to get cold too, we thought the utility room would be better. We got a total of 3 inches at our house, but only a little over an inch here at Junk Among Us. A few doors fell down which is no biggie, but the one thing I knew was going to happen when Speed put it together, was the mirror falling off of the dresser and breaking. Which it did of course. I was bummed about that, but oh well, it was time to clean up all the shards of mirror. I told him I’d like to keep it the same price because if someone doesn’t buy it then I can do something with it. I’ve already got a bunch of ideas. I keep wanting to keep the stuff Speed is trying to sell. And he keeps wanting to leave me here!!!

So now we’re at our booth, Junk Among Us, in cold weather wishing we were snuggled up with our dogs on the couch! By Friday it should start warming up! Here’s hoping that it does!!