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Hump Dayyyyy


I’m surprised I didn’t see that commercial with all the TV watching I did today! Don’t worry that’s not all I did, though I have done it on the past. Many, many times…

Today my goal was to finish glueing the stones on the blue metallic bikini. Which I get to do from a TV tray sitting on my IKEA chair blinging away. The way I see it, I’m at least making money while sitting on my ass watching TV. AND I can Viggle too! It’s a win-win!! Unfortunately I found out way later (like when I had a two inch spot left on the butt) that I put the wrong color of blue on the damn bikini. I’ve only made this mistake once, and I made sure to have all the bikinis with the right stones since then. When Boss Lady and I figured it out she thinks that maybe she switched them by accident when she was hungover while I was visiting her in Dallas. I completely agree! I posted a picture of Dizzy “helping” me bling. I’m planning on leaving tomorrow for a big weekend and I needed it done so I can give it to Boss Lady. She’ll be coming down to bring her new swimsuit line to a trunk show close to Galveston, so GIRLS WEEKEND!!! WHOOP! However Speed is already there working, but I’m sure we can party around him 😉 Our main plans are to drink and go to the beach and go to a few clubs! But before I get to any of that excitement I get to go to Bruno Mars tomorrow night!!! The friend that lost his husband in May (I mentioned this yesterday) bought two tickets, and then his sister bought a solo ticket. So the sister moved up and will be sitting with her brother and I’ll get her solo seat. They failed to mention this until after I accepted, but I totally don’t care. I just need to remember to not get too drunk and start acting like a fool in front of people I don’t know. However I tend to use that as an excuse to get drunk since I won’t be seeing them ever again. So we’ll see! 😉 I can’t wait to see them both and hang out with them! I don’t think we’ve really gotten to do that in at least five years!

I didn’t work out this morning. I didn’t have a good nights’ sleep and at one point Dizzy put his paws up on the bed, which is what he does to wake me up, but it was NOT the time to do so. So when he did at again in the morning and I finally got my ass out of bed and shuffled into the living room, I find that it’s 6:10am! WTF?! So after letting them out to pee I sat down and started my day with a bit of VH1 until Good Morning America started at 7. I told myself I’d lift weights later, but I didn’t. I spent the whole day sitting on my ass in my pajamas cleaning. When I finally got the bikini done, I did ten quick “girly” push-ups and then showered at around 7 at night. I’m hoping to get some good sleep, and have a quick jog in the morning. Goofy will be arriving before noon to stay here and watch the dogs and take care of the horses while we’re gone. When we’re gone we worry about the girls ganging up on Dizzy. There have been times when all three were in the house and we heard Dizzy howling and Speed ran inside and found him in the cornered by them in the dining room. So we asked Goofy to take Dizzy down to the motorhome and stay with him during the night. The great thing is Dizzy wakes him up early too! Gotta love my babies!