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Weekend Recap


Another hump day has arrived. I was busy having a really fun weekend to bother with another post. Last Thursday night I went to the Bruno Mars concert and it was a BLAST!!! Bruno Mars is an outstanding performer!! If you ever get a chance to see him, I highly suggest you do! When I woke up on Thursday my sciatic nerve was pinched and was killing me! I did manage some yoga and then it felt fine. But after getting into the high heels that I bought that afternoon for the concert, I managed to move a certain way and it started hurting again. Imagine that! But they were fabulous heels and I sure did look good!! (pics below)

The plan was for Goofy to come up from Katy with the car that I would be driving and he stayed here and watched the dogs while I left for the weekend. Speed had talked to him the night before and told him to call him when he got there because he needed some things. Did Goofy remember that? Do you thing he did it? No….he called Speed after I left. “What’s uuuup?”, like the complete stoner he is. “Ok, this is what I need…”, “Ah man she already left”…. UGH!!! Speed needed some parts to fix the taffy machine, and he wanted me to get a nice shirt for him to wear for dinner on Friday night with the family for his son’s, Speed Jr. AKA Junior, Birthday. I told him that he should have told me to call him.

I moved on to Galveston Friday afternoon and met up with Speed and Boss Lady for lunch at Salsa’s. After having to go and get Speed a new polo we managed to get ready for dinner at Gaido’s and it was OK. It’s not as fabulous as it used to be with finger bowls at the end of dinner, and the server using that little thingy that gets the crumbs off the table…a crumber? The main thing was to be with family, and that was the fun part!

On Saturday the only main thing on the agenda was to go to the beach, which we managed to do from 2-4, without getting a sunburn AND my friend Dory came to hang out. That NEVER happens, especially a place where a swimsuit it recommended! After the wonderful beach we got ready, picked Junior and took him out to dinner. We then met up with some of his friends and mine, then Speed met us when he was done closing the Candy Factory.

Speed’s family started a candy factory in Galveston back in the 70’s, he bought it from his father in the 90’s, but his father and son run the place. Well, Saturday morning came and both managers quit (they were married, but not when we hired them at different times). Did that leave them in a bind? Sure….but we soon found out, and we had a suspicion, that he wasn’t doing a damn thing but pissing everybody off! Three people came back and asked for their jobs. We heard rumors that they were telling people they owned the place! He couldn’t get along with our “candy man” who is our oldest employee! It’s more like “Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!”

But this has put our world in a bit of an upheaval! Speed really needs to finish out the summer there. The day they quit was the second best Saturday of the summer. With Labor Day weekend coming up then there is no doubt that another big day will be happening again, makes you wonder what we could’ve been making all summer! He left today and Goofy is still here, he will leave tomorrow I think and bring down some stuff to Speed in Galveston, and work on a few things. Then after the weekend he will show up here on Tuesday and then I’ll take Coco and Dizzy down to Galveston with me, while Goofy will take care of Annie and Bacon here. We’ll spend the Labor Day weekend there and both of us will come home afterwards. We’ll have to go back and forth for some months, and I really don’t know what to expect, but at least I’ll be going back to Galveston where my family and friends are. However going there, I spend money, which I would like to NOT do, since I’m trying to save and pay my Dad for the Disney trip in February.

The really cool thing that has developed from the weekend is, I might have a job!! I’ve been wanting to get the Candy Factory on social media sites for a while! I’ll be able to do that and get paid for it!! Also, Boss Lady was talking to the lady that owns the shop where she has here trunk shows at and she needs someone to get her store on social media too! So hopefully I can make some money doing this! Plus it’s super easy for me to do, and I can do it anywhere!

In the meantime I’m trying to deal with my sciatic nerve and the horrible pain associated with it!! The only thing that sucks the most is sitting makes it worse and that’s what I have to do in order to bling out the bikinis for Boss Lady! I really need to work on my core strength, which might be the problem. I also want to go to the chiropractor, which is a bit of a drive, so the best thing to do is to go on the way to Galveston. However that’s next week and the dogs will be with me, but I guess I’ll figure out a way to manage.

Enjoy the pics and the photobomber below!