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Dog Update


I just thought I would give y’all a quick update about the dogs. We finally took DIzzy to the veterinarian a few weeks ago. As we had expected he has cataracts in both eyes and would need a lens surgery to help him see. Which he won’t be getting because I/we can’t afford it. So unless I get a big donation I don’t think it will be happening anytime soon. Speed said he just needs to live out his years with us who will take good care of him. But the poor guy can’t see at night at all. Speed found out the hard way two nights prior to the vet appointment, by driving the scooter to the shop at night, and having Dizzy follow him. Since Speed likes to go fast to get the dogs to really run, he lost him and so Dizzy ran into the fence and got a few extra scrapes on him. So now we make sure to have him in the utility room at night time, so he won’t get lost. Maybe that’s how he got lost the first time. He didn’t have a microchip, that was the first thing they checked for. The vet noticed his worn down teeth too, and commented that he had a few cavities. Once he pointed them out I can see them. The heartworm test came back negative so I was able to give him the meds that I already had. All in all he did a really good job at the vet, and we ordered him and both girls new collars with their name and Speed cell number embrodered on them. We didn’t get one for Busy because he has a home already, more on that later.

A few days prior I had found a notice in the paper that someone had lost a dog. We tore the notice out and Speed called them later that day when he was going back home (I was still at the Junk sale) Two women came and looked him over and asked Speed how far Flatonia was from our house. Speed told him that it was around nine and a half miles. The ladies told him that they had been called out to see this dog in Flatonia two days prior to him coming to our place. That means the poor baby walked 9 1/2 miles with extremely bad vision to get to our home so we can take care of him. He’s such a sweet and big blonde labrador. I wonder if someone has been missing him for a long time? He knows to sit, and he puts a paw up to get your attention (just like Cleo did, who also taught Coco to do that) He takes a swim in the pond as many times as he can get. Except when it’s cold. Looks like we will definetly be taking care of him from now on. But Speed wants him to be an outside (utility room) dog. I want to bathe him and bring him inside, because I know that’s all he wants to do, is be close to us. He stays next to either Speed or myself when all the other dogs wander off. We call it “huntin””. What he reaally likes to do is hang out with Speed during the day at the shop and jump up into the cab of a truck and just spend the whole time there. It doens’t have to even be Speed’s truck, a few people visited him and Dizzy laid in the beds of their trucks the entire time they stayed. As soon as you the tailgate down, he jumps on in. Makes me think he done this before.

As for Busy, AKA Bo, he has a family down the road. Just this past Saturday at 6:10 pm (I know because I checked the clock, obviously) I saw the grey Grand Cherokee drive down the dirt road next to us and slow down and called for Busy to jump into the car with them. Which he did of course. However he was back by 6:30, he found Speed at the shop closing up. Of course he’s going to come back to me, I gave him bacon grease on his food! Gets them every time! (Which is an idea I got from Speed, he said his grandmother used to do it for her dogs) I guess his owner doesn’t let him in the house either, and there is no way of keeping him in a fenced in area (Speed saw him jump the back fence like a deer!) So he just comes back everytime because we’re awesome and fun, and have other dogs, and put bacon grease on their food!!