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It’s been too long…


Well, I haven’t bothered to write a blog since April! Plenty has happened since then. I’ll try to give you a quick recap. First weekend of May I got bitten by Bacon. I don’t know if I had mentioned it before, but we found out that the dog that came to us that we named Busy, is really named Bacon. I talked to the owner, he mentioned that he would be taking him with him when the lease is up and moves. However it’s been so long since that discussion that I think he left him. I haven’t seen his truck in a while. So it looks like for now he’s ours!
A dear friend passed away in May, very unexpectedly. That was definitely a sad time to go through. In July our neighbor across the street passed away too. It makes me sad thinking about either one of them so I’m not going to discuss this too much. I just want to say that they were both great men and the world has lost two really good loving people.
After going to the Houston race in April I started working for my friend, she has really pretty rhinestoned bikinis that women buy for competition and she pays me per bikini to individually glue the stones on them. I was thinking that even though it isn’t an ideal job, it gets money in my pocket while I can sit at home and figure out what in the hell I’ll be doing for the rest of my life. And so far that’s fine by me. I opened up a savings account and decided to put $10 per bikini in it so I can have a little something. I don’t know exactly what I’m gonna do with it, but if I had started at the beginning then I would have over a thousand dollars now. That would be a nice chunk of change!
I also have decided to run in the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February 2014. I’m going with my niece who will be 21 a few weeks before the event, and we’re excited! We’ll be meeting another friend of mine there too, she did it earlier this year and got me excited! That’s another thing that I’m saving for. My dad has graciously offered to put it on his credit card while I save the money to pay him back. I’m hoping my niece can save a little too so we can pay for the whole trip!
That’s all I can remember right now, besides a fun weekend with some of my girls in Dallas, and then another fun weekend for my friend’s daughter’s Birthday party at Lake Conroe.

On a side note, I think that I need to do something different in my life. I need to change some things. I can’t continue to live day-by-day with no goals, physically, mentally, spiritually. I feel like a lush half of the time. Pretty much a bunch of my habits are unhealthy. The only thing I’ve been doing right is walk/jog in the morning while it’s cool, which I enjoy because I take the dogs with me. There are a bunch of things I’d like to do. I think “I need to do this, or that” and then I think “nah, that’s too much work” and have a glass of wine! But I have projects that I want to do and finish and I can’t find the motivation to do ANYTHING! So if you have some wonderful idea on how to prioritize my life that would be great! Or even better if you’re a life coach and don’t want payment for it, I’m coachable! I pretty much need something I can do to help myself because I have no money to pay for someone to help me!

I’m going to try and make my blog posts smaller and try to do it more frequently…we’ll see how that goes…probably like my other healthy ideas…out the window! LOL!