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My Baby Annie


It’s been a while since my last blog, but I’ve been mourning the loss of our baby Annie. (I don’t like calling them furbabies, because to me they’re my babies) The plan for me was to go to Galveston on August 27th because I hadn’t seen Speed in a while and bring along Coco and DIzzy, this would be Dizzy’s first trip to the island. That morning Speed needed me to go down to the shop and look for some paper work for him. As usual I took all four dogs with me so they can go to the bathroom before it was time to go. Annie and Bacon were staying at home, and Goofy was coming that day to watch them and the horses while I was gone.
All three but Dizzy went off “hunting” (as Speed and I call it) in the pasture next to ours, which is still facing the busy street (the speed limit is 70 mph). When I got done I started calling for them, and Coco was the only one I saw, and came back. I had to leave by a certain time so I couldn’t wait for them to come back before I left.

They would usually go off hunting when I went for my morning jog and be gone for a couple of hours. Then later I would find Annie laying outside on the porch ready to come in. Sometimes Bacon would come back before Annie, and we would say that she gave him the slip. There were a few times we thought she went off hunting and she slipped back and took a nap in the trailer Speed has in his shop. One time she was gone for 9 hours, and I had to drive the mule down the dirt road next to our house, and that’s where I found her, walking real slow, we gave her the nickname Grannie Annie.

Well, I left, then text Goofy that they were hunting and went on to Rosenberg for my appt. My dad read on FB that I was going there, and had already made plans to visit his brother in another town not far and asked if I wanted to join them for lunch. When I got to my Uncle’s office, I was able to leave Coco and Dizzy in there while we went to lunch. On the way Speed called and asked what I was doing and such, but didn’t say much of anything. I thought he sounded kinda sad.

So we finished lunch and I made it to Galveston with the dogs, and I went straight to pick Speed up. He wanted to see the dogs and take a break, so we went to the warehouse (which is where I used to live before I moved in with Speed in the Middle of nowhere) We got there and we let the dogs out. I dropped my purse off and came back outside to Speed and the dogs, when I walk up to him he hugs me and says something I can’t understand, except for the word Cleo. All I could say was “Huh?” and I thought “It’s been 8 months since Cleo passed away, we can not be crying every time we come to Galveston, we didn’t the last time. I thought it was getting easier?” That’s when he said it again but much clearer “Annie is in heaven with Cleo”. I went limp, and cried “What?!? No!!!!!” and he held me tighter and I cried.

As some of you may know it is HOT in Texas and we’re in Galveston (along the coast) where the humidity is 95% and makes it worse, and let’s not to forget I was wearing Jeans because I hadn’t shaved my legs in God knows when, so needless to say I was sweating in places one just shouldn’t sweat! All I wanted to do was go inside and cry, which is exactly what I did. Then I hugged my Coco. He told me that a Fayette County Sheriff officer found her on the road, she had been hit by a car. Her collar had her name and Speed’s phone number on it, so he called him and told him the news. That was when he called me on the way to lunch with my dad. The officer brought her over right after Goofy had gotten there, so he went ahead and buried her in between Cleo and Lucky. Goofy said that Bacon seemed a bit lost without Annie around to hunt with. I feel sorry for him, we called him Annie’s boyfriend, because he would always go straight to her to play with.

I text my friends and Dory was the one who could come over. She was at the library and had to leave because she was crying. That’s the one great thing about having friend’s that are dog lovers too. They totally understand and get what having a dog they cherish is all about. I can always count on her to help me drown my sorrows in wine.

When Annie came to permanently live with us, she had already been over almost everyday. She came over on Thanksgiving of last year, she was our neighbor’s dog, and from then after would come over and play with Cleo and Coco everyday. When we were gone for about a week in January. She would come over and sit on our porch all day until it was dinner time and she would go home to eat. After Cleo died, they brought over her bed and food bowl and she was a permanent resident at the house. So to me it means something special that she specifically chose us to be with. I guess she saw how great we take care of our babies, (bacon grease on their food gets them every time) and wanted to be one too. And we gladly welcomed her.

I remember telling Annie how much I loved her a few days before, when I found her on the guest bed taking a nap. She had started doing what Coco does and lifting her leg up when you walked by so you can rub her belly. So I rubbed her belly (she was SO soft) and gave her kisses and told her how much I loved her. That’s a great memory to have of her. The last time I saw her she was trotting away with Bacon doing what she loved the most hunting.