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Who’s Bruno Mars?!?


Dizzy woke me up early this morning, right around 6am. I decided I was feeling good enough to at least walk, and maybe even jog. I use a Couch to 5K app to help me run for longer distances gradually. I was able to jog even though I was a bit slower than usual. I also use the free Nike+ app to track my distance, time, and pace, while playing my music; there are a lot of cool features on the app and I think it’s a must have! So today my back feels much better. My butt still feels sore from the squats on Tuesday, and now my abs and triceps hurt from Wednesday, so it was nice to stick to cardio.

Goofy left today. I made some biscuits and bacon and some coffee for breakfast (I don’t drink coffee, so that was really nice of me) He was going through the list of things about what’s locked up and such when he mentions that the mule (which is basically an awesome ATV) was parked in the shop and was out of diesel. He tells me he barely had enough to drive it up to the shed to feed the horses. The shed is closer to the shop than the house. And I have specifically tried not to take any scooter or mule to do things so I don’t start gaining a bunch of weight. Maybe he should take my advice. Boy, I sure hope something bad doesn’t happen where I’ll need it, like the horses getting out or Annie goes off “hunting” for 12 hours. I bet he find some fuel for it when he gets back! Last Sunday when Boss Lady and my friend were having lunch at the Olive Garden, I mentioned that I was going to have to go back home and deal with Goofy, and Boss Lady teased me asking “Is Goofy your second husband?”, which I practically snorted at and said “Goofy is more like my fifth dog!” We had quite a good laugh at that!

Today I got my Dogeared charm in the mail! (pic below) I love their shipping, both packages I’ve gotten have arrived within two days, and the estimated delivery date was the 24th! That’s a big deal out here in the middle of nowhere! I ordered a Texas charm to go with my cross necklace that I bought a few weeks ago. They had an awesome August sale and I was able to get the cross necklace for $14.99 (normally $48…I think) with 1.99 shipping! I wanted to start a charm necklace, and the chain alone is $30, so I decided to get a necklace cheap, then build off of that.The first time I went on the website was when I got my friend a necklace for her Birthday and it was a deal through Good Morning America. (I love their Deals & Steals) Now I can’t stop. I made an account and a wish list, I want rings, charms, and another necklace (a piece of candy), since they don’t make it as a charm, and no telling what else they will eventually make in the future and end up wanting 😉

Nothing really exciting happened today,while I was blinging a bikini, Dizzy hit my table when I had a glass of tea on it. Luckily the tea got all over me and not the bikini :o/ It started thundering later which made him scared and he tried to burry his head in my lap. Poor baby. I can’t wait to take him to Galveston and to the beach, probably for the first time in his life. I made a delicious dinner that consisted of a baked potato, zucchini and a red bell pepper sautéed with olive oil and some all seasoning, and a very thin steak that I cooked in my cast iron skillet. (pic below, but I had already ate all the bell pepper before I remembered to take a pic) It was good!!! I’m getting pretty good at this cooking stuff! I’m looking forward to a week in Galveston and having access to fresh seafood! Speed and I didn’t realize that we had become seafood snobs while living in Galveston. It’s hard to find fresh seafood in Central Texas, however we’ve got some great beef!

So yesterday I went into the Tractor Supply store to get some soil because Wal-mart was out. (I can’t wait for the super-center to open!) I was behind an older heavier couple in line. The lady getting their purchases together in the shopping cart while the husband paid. I’m just standing there with my wallet in my hands and the woman turns to me and says “I love your T-shirt.” I then look down at myself and notice that I’m wearing my new Bruno Mars concert T-shirt! “I love him” she continues, when I look back up her husband and the cashier lady are looking at me. “Bruno Mars?” I say as I look up and notice that she doesn’t have all her teeth. I begin to tell her that my friend had an extra ticket so I jumped on the chance to go and she said that she would’ve done the same thing. I told her it was an awesome concert and if she ever gets a chance to go then do it! (I also suggest that to y’all too) They were done and soon left, and it was my turn to check out. As soon as I walked up to the cashier lady she looks at my shirt and asks, “Who’s Bruno Mars?” I thought “WHAT!?! Are you kidding me!?! You don’t know who Bruno Mars is?!?” I was so taken off guard from the conversation with the toothless woman and then from Loretta not knowing who Bruno was, that all I could say was “A singer”. I mean really Loretta? Do I have to explain everything around here?