A Cocktail Makes Everything Better!


I’ve told you how I started the Fast diet, right? Well I’m on it, and it’s not too bad! The principle of is to fast for two days a week eating only 500 calories and then eat whatever you want the rest of the days. And you can choose what days you want, and switch them around if you need to. One of the tips in the book suggested to fast from 2pm to 2pm. So I can have whatever for breakfast and lunch and then stop at 2 have a light dinner, sleep for a good chunk of it, then have a light breakfast and just wait until 2 to have lunch. So today I started getting a headache because I needed to eat, no big deal, that usually happens with me and as soon as 2 pm hit I cooked and ate the biggest burger stuffed with blue cheese! I was out of hamburger buns, so I used some bread, which turned out better. One of the secrets to a good burger is getting some of the fat that drains from the burger soaked up into the bread! Oh yeah!!!!! So since I cooked my burger in a cast iron skillet I had plenty of grease still in the pan and I placed both pieces of bread in there and soaked some up and then put them in the toaster! I probably have some grease at the bottom of my toaster but I don’t care because it was SO worth it! That was one delicious burger!!

Yesterday I partook in a 5k, which is part of my New Year’s resolution, to do one per month. (Picture added below) The last two have been close by and for charities that I would want to donate to, one was to help pay the medical bills for a local high school coach who has cancer. Yesterday’s was for the Turtle Wing Foundation in Schulenburg, a charity that helps the local community’s families that have children in need of special education. A family started it in honor of their son who had autism and passed away a year ago. I like the idea that my money is going to a charity other than signing up for some color run, not that there is anything wrong with them, it’s just they’re a company trying to make money other than a charity who needs it. Yesterday during the day I thought “boy, I feel great, I should walk tomorrow!” and then I woke up and my shins, sides, back (basically my entire body) are sore, so I think I’ll wait later in the week when the natives get restless. (and I’m less sore)

After that I planted the two tomato plants (Super Sauce and Honey Bunch) and jalapeño plant (Hot Big Guy). This I thought was going to need me to go Wal-mart to get some bigger pots, since I used the biggest ones I have to grow corn. Well Wal-mart was all out of big pots, except some really nice plastic ones that looked ceramic, however they were $23 a pop, and I didn’t want to do that. So I went to HEB and got some essential items, and while I was there I remembered that Speed had a bunch of 10 gallon buckets that I could drill holes in and use! I love it when I think of things and I don’t have to spend money!!! So when I got home I put on my “work” clothes and headed to the shop for some buckets (with all four dogs of course!) I grabbed three and headed back to the house to get my own cordless screw driver that Speed says is mine…..sure. So I then hunt around for a drill bit that would fit, and I found one, but it didn’t fit. So I knew I would have to go back to the shop. Speed wasn’t around so I had to call him when I couldn’t find anything. He informed me that I wouldn’t be able to use “my” drill and I would need to get another one that he has, I found one, got the size of drill bit for the holes I wanted to make in the bottom of the buckets and went back to the house. I had already planted one of the tomato plants before I remembered to drill the holes, so one bucket has holes on the side of the bucket instead of the bottom.

I gotta tell ya a little story that I can’t tell Speed, because he’ll just shake his head at me. So once I got the drill ready and the bucket was all cleaned out, flipped over, and ready for some holes. The bucket was easy to drill, like buttah, but when I would drill in I couldn’t just pull the drill back out, I had to flip the direction of the drill and un-drill out of the hole. When I got done with that one, I went to drill holes in the side of the one I had already planted, and nothing happened. “I’ll worry about that later” I thought, and moved on to the other bucket. This one was again difficult, the drill just slid around, and then I noticed that it had a slightly different pattern on the bottom so maybe it was different. Back to the shop I go for some buckets with the same pattern, which I didn’t find, so I decided I just needed to put some muscle into it. I had my entire body pressing on that drill into the bucket and I FINALLY got through, I went to switch it in the opposite direction to get it out and that’s when I found that I had it in the wrong direction this whole damn time!!!! I didn’t need to get new buckets! I needed to put it in the right direction goober!!! So once I figured that out I had no problem putting holes in that bucket, or in the side of the other one. Amazing how fast it works when it’s in the right direction! (Final pictures of my plants in buckets are below. Along with clips of the package of plants I got from Burpee)

This morning I found out that Annie peed on the carpet in my bedroom again. She did it yesterday along with a big pile of poop! Speed said he even let her out at night before he went to bed. Maybe it’s because of the fact that every time she goes outside Busy is there to start wrestling/playing with her so she can’t get her business done. Needless to say I’m tired of cleaning up pee, and had luckily bought another can of 409 carpet cleaner. This obviously annoys the crap out of me and gives me another reason to get rid of the carpet! I would’ve started drinking earlier today if it wasn’t for the Fast Diet! But you can guarantee I’ll be having one after I post this!)

I’m thinking all this stress of not having a job, not knowing what I’m going to do with my life, missing my beloved Cleo, figuring out how to pay my bills without a job, and an unexpected collection of a pack of dogs has manifested itself into a nasty left bottom eye lid twitch. It started last night while I was watching TV, I remember going to bed thinking that surely it will go away by the morning, how wrong I was. I noticed it again this morning. It’s really small and I have to stay really still and get close in the mirror to see it. But that doesn’t matter, it bothers the fuck out of me and scares the crap out of me too! I really don’t want something like this to continue for days, or weeks, or months! I read that a twitch could last that long, and I REALLY hope that doesn’t happen! I’ll be honest I’m completely vain and don’t want my eye to twitch! The only reason why I quit smoking, was so I wouldn’t get yellow teeth or premature wrinkles! After having surgery in my right eye to add a stint so the pressure in my eye wouldn’t go up and damage my optic nerve, you can see a small piece of the implant, and my eye doesn’t open as wide as my left eye. (And I’m very expressive so this can be a problem, especially in pictures!) So now the only normal eye I have left has developed a twitch! There are many things that can start a twitch and I hope it’s just a pinched nerve in my back or something like that so it will ease over the next 24 hours and return to normal! If I get Botox I would have to do it in both eyes, so I wouldn’t be lopsided. I was hoping to get Botox for the crease in between my eyes before my birthday, not for a twitch! So let’s pray that it goes away pronto! Because I forsee me stressing about it which in turn makes it worse, which stresses me out more, which makes it worse…etc. (Sorta like that bad 80’s anti-drug commercial…”I do coke so I can work longer, so I can earn more, so I can do more coke, so I can work longer, so I can earn more, so I can do more coke…”) In the mean time I’ll try to keep my mind off of it….maybe a cocktail would help?





Dog Update


I just thought I would give y’all a quick update about the dogs. We finally took DIzzy to the veterinarian a few weeks ago. As we had expected he has cataracts in both eyes and would need a lens surgery to help him see. Which he won’t be getting because I/we can’t afford it. So unless I get a big donation I don’t think it will be happening anytime soon. Speed said he just needs to live out his years with us who will take good care of him. But the poor guy can’t see at night at all. Speed found out the hard way two nights prior to the vet appointment, by driving the scooter to the shop at night, and having Dizzy follow him. Since Speed likes to go fast to get the dogs to really run, he lost him and so Dizzy ran into the fence and got a few extra scrapes on him. So now we make sure to have him in the utility room at night time, so he won’t get lost. Maybe that’s how he got lost the first time. He didn’t have a microchip, that was the first thing they checked for. The vet noticed his worn down teeth too, and commented that he had a few cavities. Once he pointed them out I can see them. The heartworm test came back negative so I was able to give him the meds that I already had. All in all he did a really good job at the vet, and we ordered him and both girls new collars with their name and Speed cell number embrodered on them. We didn’t get one for Busy because he has a home already, more on that later.

A few days prior I had found a notice in the paper that someone had lost a dog. We tore the notice out and Speed called them later that day when he was going back home (I was still at the Junk sale) Two women came and looked him over and asked Speed how far Flatonia was from our house. Speed told him that it was around nine and a half miles. The ladies told him that they had been called out to see this dog in Flatonia two days prior to him coming to our place. That means the poor baby walked 9 1/2 miles with extremely bad vision to get to our home so we can take care of him. He’s such a sweet and big blonde labrador. I wonder if someone has been missing him for a long time? He knows to sit, and he puts a paw up to get your attention (just like Cleo did, who also taught Coco to do that) He takes a swim in the pond as many times as he can get. Except when it’s cold. Looks like we will definetly be taking care of him from now on. But Speed wants him to be an outside (utility room) dog. I want to bathe him and bring him inside, because I know that’s all he wants to do, is be close to us. He stays next to either Speed or myself when all the other dogs wander off. We call it “huntin””. What he reaally likes to do is hang out with Speed during the day at the shop and jump up into the cab of a truck and just spend the whole time there. It doens’t have to even be Speed’s truck, a few people visited him and Dizzy laid in the beds of their trucks the entire time they stayed. As soon as you the tailgate down, he jumps on in. Makes me think he done this before.

As for Busy, AKA Bo, he has a family down the road. Just this past Saturday at 6:10 pm (I know because I checked the clock, obviously) I saw the grey Grand Cherokee drive down the dirt road next to us and slow down and called for Busy to jump into the car with them. Which he did of course. However he was back by 6:30, he found Speed at the shop closing up. Of course he’s going to come back to me, I gave him bacon grease on his food! Gets them every time! (Which is an idea I got from Speed, he said his grandmother used to do it for her dogs) I guess his owner doesn’t let him in the house either, and there is no way of keeping him in a fenced in area (Speed saw him jump the back fence like a deer!) So he just comes back everytime because we’re awesome and fun, and have other dogs, and put bacon grease on their food!!

At last! Junk-O-Rama Prom!!


Well yesterday was a busy day at Junk Among Us. Thank God! We certainly don’t want to haul anything back, especially a small sail boat that floated up in Speed’s yard after Hurricane Ike. And now we don’t have to!!! Hopefully we can unload some of this junk onto more people! This is the last weekend we’ll be here. Whatever we don’t get rid of I’m thinking of making into something really cool and charge someone a bunch of money for it! Or just use it in my own home! 😉

Well, Junk-O-Rama Prom would’ve been even more awesome if the weather didn’t completely suck. Well maybe not “completely” since it wasn’t raining, which would have made it suck even more. But it was cold and windy!! (I have a pic of me below all bundled up, that’s how cold it was!) If the wind was gone then it wouldn’t have been too bad, but Geeze Louise! Belle got there in the afternoon, and we had a bit of time to walk around. We went to the Junk Gypsy tent and took a picture in their home made photo booth. Their “helper” that’s on their TV show helped us out and took our picture for us. I saw the Junk Gypsy sisters’ Dad watching him help us out. I said “Hey, aren’t you the guy on the show that helps them?” and he said “Yeah, that’s me” He was very nice (and not to mention cute to boot!) I asked if he was going to the Prom (of course he was) and he mentioned he had to go back home and get his hat. That was one cool thing about the Prom, was asking people if they were going. “Are you going to the Prom?” One person told me it was the only thing worth coming out here for three weeks. I might have to agree. While shopping around vendors would ask “Are you looking for a Prom dress?” I had one guy (a weird kind of dude) ask me if I had a date to the Prom. (Ummmm, my husband of course!!) Belle and I went back to the travel trailer and got dressed for the Prom, (and I plan to wear that dress again since I had to cover it up with a jacket and scarf!) (which was still cute of course!!) We ate at the Royer’s Cafe at Zapp Hall, delicious, and again I probably would’ve enjoyed it more if I wasn’t in the cold, because apparently sausage gets cold quick. I was smart enough to sneak my flask in loaded with Pinnacle Whipped vodka, yum! Which I mixed with diet coke in the awesome cup that Belle got me at the Junk Gypsy shop. I loved their T-shirts! Mama Tried, Kiss My Grits, Thelma, Louise. Check out their stuff here: http://www.gypsyville.com/collections/frontpage Apparently Miranda Lambert was there, or so we were told, we didn’t get to see her. We kind of just stuck to our seats the entire time not wanting to move from the warm spot we made in our chairs. We had a great time people watching. Great costumes and dresses, the Fayette County Sheriff boys telling people to get down from dancing on the tables and threatening jail, ladies getting a bit too tipsy and falling from tripping on their dresses. Good times had by all!! We stayed until 11 or so, took our obligatory pictures and left. We decided to drive home so we could check on the new dogs, and the travel trailer sure would’ve been cold, even with the heater on! All in all a great experience, but I sure hope the weather is warmer next time! ‘Cause there will be a next time! (see pics below)

Nothing new about the dogs. We think the new one, Blondie, should have a name that starts with the letter D. Mainly because we have Annie and Coco, and then we named the first new one Bo, so that’s ABC. I also wanted it to rhyme with Coco or Annie, so I searched some names online and I mentioned Dizzy, and then Speed said Busy and Dizzy. I guess he wanted to change Bo’s name to Busy, which kind of fits him perfectly, but I’m not sure. Coco, Annie, Busy, and Dizzy? We also think that Dizzy AKA Blondie has an eye sight issue, that’s why I went with Dizzy since he stumbles around a bit. Poor baby. I honestly can’t wait to take him to the vet, even though it’s going to probably be difficult and costly. I think I’ll take him first, I’m going to assume that since he seems so old he doesn’t really need to get neutered. Speed is going to be going to Galveston on Tuesday so when I do take him it will be by myself and in our Kia. I think it will be interesting to say the least. If anyone had any ideas for names let me know!

So this morning I woke up with a pain in my right ear, and I think I’m getting an earache. Since it’s Saturday and I’m busy I won’t be able to go to the doctor until next week. (Who am I kidding? Like there is any way I would be able to see a doctor in this town. It’s an act of congress just to find one that’s accepting new patients!) I’m trying to remember what I should do. I thing I’m supposed to put some rubbing alcohol in it to dry it up. I’ll be looking this up on the internet first, because everything is true in the internet. LOL! I’ll probably be consulting my Web MD app! Hopefully it won’t start hurting too bad! If anyone knows any home remedies, let me know!






I’m seriously beginning to think we’re dog magnets!


The sun is just barely coming out from behind these clouds. Whenever it does peek out I run for the chair in the sun hoping to warm up just a little. Tomorrow it will begin to warm up Texas style and and turn out to be a beautiful weekend. In two days I’ll probably be running from the sun instead of towards it. In the meantime I’m just waiting for my friend to get here so we can go to the Junk-O-Rama Prom!! (I might have mentioned it a few times) When the weather is good it makes it bearable to sit out here for long periods of time! I’m currently freezing and want to go home! Or at least get in front of a heater! My toes are cold!!! I was thinking about taking shots of my vodka just to warm up!

Yesterday I mentioned that we left early, or maybe I didn’t, however we did since it started raining on us again. We were home before 4:00. After we got home Speed went down to the shop to work on a few things, he decided to leave Coco and Annie in the house with me and let Bo follow him down. At 4:11 Speed called me, which I missed and had to call back. He begins with “Momma”, which he usually uses when we are talking about our dogs, and I get a bit worried. I immediately look for Coco and Annie and they are safely inside with me, Coco laying on the couch picking up her leg so I can rub her belly, and Annie sitting in the middle of a pile of toys shredding one up into microscopic pieces. All is well inside the house. “What?” I ask. I think that maybe Bo went off and did something he’s known to do (in the 14 days that I’ve known him), Speed finally answers me “Well…”. By this time I know that nothing serious has happened, otherwise I would be able to hear it in his voice. “Looks like Bo found himself a friend out here”. Which can only mean another dog. “Are you serious?” knowing damn well he’s serious, we don’t joke around about feeding another mouth! We just had to get more dog food on the way home! I just needed time to wrap my head around ANOTHER dog?! For real?!?! He then tells me that he looks really skinny and he was limping. I told him I’d get some food and come out there. We met right at the RV barn. He looks like my brother’s dog, Sarge, which I think is a labrador. Speed said he was confused when he saw him, because he’s the color of Coco (blonde) but the size of Annie (big). He was all wet since it had been raining and he there was (still is) some rash or just a road rash on him. We gave him some food. He kind of stumbles around a bit, not much coordination. Speed had to put Bo in the utility room just so the new guy could eat. After he was done he followed me over to the porch, sniffed the yard a bit and then came and found me on the bench. He put his paw on my leg, which is what Cleo and Coco do when they want some “lovin'”, so I started petting his head. He eventually laid down in front of me, and then I noticed him shivering, and I knew more rain was coming. So I led him over to the back of the house into the utility room with Bo. We already had the heater on low for Bo the previous night, so it was already warm in there, I turned it on high so it would get nice and toasty for them. I sat down a bowl of water and he drank it right up, refilled it, same thing, filled it a third time and he finally stopped drinking. Right around 5 o’clock a couple that we know from Galveston was taking a short vacation in their motorhome and showed up. We went to dinner with them and were back a little after 7. When I went to check on the boys, the new dog (we’ve nicknamed him Blondie for the time being) was finally dry. I could then make out the injuries he had on his head and legs. He laid down for me again and rolled on his back, showing me his belly, he’s really sweet. I checked out his teeth and they look pretty bad, really worn out. He’s so skinny you can see his ribs and the vertebrae down his back. Another poor baby we need to doctor up. The first thing Bo and Blondie need are baths, I wonder if they’ve even had one. I think Annie has had only four in her life. Her first owner kept her outside so she didn’t get things like chew toys or baths. When they come to live with us, they live in the lap of luxury! Then I guess I’ll make vet appointments for them to make sure they have a clean bill of health. Both Bo and Blondie gobble their food up! I could imagine that I would too! We checked on them periodically, Bo would always hear us coming and meet us at the door. At one point Blondie had no idea we opened the door, he was completely passed out! The only thing moving was his chest from breathing, the poor baby probably hadn’t had a descent nights sleep. This morning they seemed pretty happy. Coco and Annie haven’t met the new addition, they’ve only sniffed him off my clothes. We try to let the girls out in the front yard to go to the bathroom separate from the boys in the back yard. At least for now.

So I have no idea what this means, dogs showing up to my house unexpected. One of my friend’s said that it was my beloved Cleo who is sending these dogs to me. Knowing that I’ll love on them. Another said it was God sending them to me because he knows how sad I am missing Cleo. And one more suggested it was because Speed and I are such good parents and that it wasn’t an accident. In the past months, hell years, I’ve wondered what I should “do” with my life/career. And there have been a few times when I have thought about dogs, taking care of them, or having some short of shelter or kennel. I thought that it would be a hassle and that I would be “tied down” to it. But maybe that’s exactly what I need? If I was tied down to it I could establish something. And who wouldn’t want absolute unconditional love everyday? Having a dog is awesome. They are ALWAYS happy when you come home, and they’re completely fine with eating the same thing everyday and they don’t bitch about it!! When Speed and I were feeding Blondie, we just looked at each other with a look of dumfounded defeat, it was obvious we were keeping the dog. I can never send a poor baby who just wants someone to take care of them away. They came to me for a reason, and I don’t know if anybody would want such an old sick dog and the energizer bunny! But I’ll keep them. Have I mentioned that since Bo has been here the pass two weeks he’s chewed on a flip flop, my work boots, my rubber boots, paint brush, paint scrapper, pen, the mat we put in the dog house and the solar lights we have in the front yard. He’s a bit of a chewer….that’s an understatement. Looks like I’m going to need to start making some money to feed four dogs, and get to the boys neutered!

Here are all the pictures I took of him. He looks pretty skinny, hopefully he’ll fill out soon.






Baby, it’s STILL cold outside!! Where’s Spring?


Boy is it cold out today! It’s 58 degrees outside and cloudy, it’s not as windy as it was the first Sunday I had to work out here. On that day the wind was crazy high, but the sun was out. No sun today. Maybe tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, my friend should be coming up for the Junk-o-rama Prom!. I scored me a dress yesterday. However I might have to wear leggings under it just to stay warm! (see dress below) I’m sure the vodka will help do that too! I’m excited for her to come up, and finally have someone to look at all this junk with! I need to go back to one place that has some pieces my other friend can use to make some steampunk jewelry with. It’s the same place that Speed got his mother a cast iron skillet from, he went back just now to get another one, it has individual pie slices, or something like that.

So yesterday was our first day on the Fast Diet. We had our breakfast which I discussed yesterday, but that was before lunch time came along, which we had planned to skip. I made sure to drink plenty of water, because sometimes you mistake hunger for thirst. So I was out shopping for my prom dress when I got a phone call from him asking me what we were going to do for lunch. I told him nothing, then he complained that he was feeling nauseous (which is a common complaint from him to prompt me to cook for him). I then told him to drink some water. I got back to the booth with my dress (that I scored for $29, when I had budgeted $30) and by then it was sprinkling. I was only back for an hour when we were thinking that we should pack up early because there was bad weather coming. While we were bringing stuff in, a woman in a van on the road told us to take cover, because Smithville just got two inches of rain and it’s black in La Grange. You could feel the excitement in the air then! Everyone around us started working faster to get everything packed up. Right as it was time to ride the scooter back to the travel trailer we started getting bigger drops of rain. We were heading home by 4:00. (see a cool pic that I took from the truck going home below)

When we got there I of course had to start cooking for Speed, and I had already planned that we were going to have boiled shrimp and a salad. The only major pain in the butt was weighing out every little thing for the salad! What I found very surprising about the meal was that I really only need 2 tablespoons of dressing! I was completely satisfied with that amount. First off I use Kraft Caesar vinaigrette, which to me tastes similair to the dressing they use at the Olive Garden, and it’s only 70 calories for the 2 tablespoons!! YUM!! So that was awesome. Usually for the shrimp I mix ketchup and horseradish together, which I still did, just this time I had to measure it out. Ketchup has 20 calories in 1 tablespoon, so I mixed up three for both of us and it was plenty too! Apparently I’ve been wasting a lot of dressing and ketchup! I almost started to get a headache, which I usually do when I don’t eat when I’m hungry, but it went away as soon as I started eating. We each had 12 shrimp, about medium size, which was only 84 calories! I told Speed that we will be eating a lot of shrimp.

Anyhoo, while I was cooking Speed was checking the weather on the computer and he saw that hail was coming. He ran outside and put the cars into the garage, and by the time we started to eat it was hailing. We saved one and put it in the freezer. In case you wanted to know hail sounds extremely loud on a metal roof! Another storm passed through during the night, I knew this because I had to get up and pee after drinking so much damn water! Annie, one of our dogs, apparently doesn’t it like it when it really storms (the kind that shakes your house) She jumped up on my bed during the night, but she doesn’t know quite what to do. I tried to make some room for her, but she jumped off. This morning she was sleeping in the hallway between the two rooms. Our new orphan dog, Bo, that showed up on our porch a few weeks ago, slept in the utility room. We put our old dog house on the porch, but since it was going to get cold too, we thought the utility room would be better. We got a total of 3 inches at our house, but only a little over an inch here at Junk Among Us. A few doors fell down which is no biggie, but the one thing I knew was going to happen when Speed put it together, was the mirror falling off of the dresser and breaking. Which it did of course. I was bummed about that, but oh well, it was time to clean up all the shards of mirror. I told him I’d like to keep it the same price because if someone doesn’t buy it then I can do something with it. I’ve already got a bunch of ideas. I keep wanting to keep the stuff Speed is trying to sell. And he keeps wanting to leave me here!!!

So now we’re at our booth, Junk Among Us, in cold weather wishing we were snuggled up with our dogs on the couch! By Friday it should start warming up! Here’s hoping that it does!!



Just another day in the junk business!


Today is April 2nd, and I managed to get away yesterday with a fool-less day. April Fool’s Day was a day I hated while teaching. The students thought their jokes were funny and they were anything but, nor were they ever able to fool me. The only person who almost got me was our police officer who came to tell me that a bus hit my car. My eyes got huge and I started to walk out saying, “if this is a Fool’s joke I’m going to hurt you”, and he started laughing. This was the first year I was teaching and my classroom was right in the front entrance and office. When I think about it now, I’m struck at how stupid he was about to lead me out of my classroom with my students unattended. Can we say lawsuit anyone? He eventually stopped working there because they made all the officers take a test, and he couldn’t pass it….go figure.

Today Speed and I are starting the Fast Diet. I downloaded the book, by Dr. Michael Mosley, to my iPad over the weekend. Since I’m kinda just sitting around selling junk it was easy to read so quickly. The medical research that has been done on fasting is pretty fascinating to me. The diet breaks down like this, for two days out of the week you eat only 500 calories that day, men eat 600 calories, and for the other five days you can eat whatever and how much you want. You can choose what days you want to do this, so you don’t ever have to worry about dieting on a Birthday, Holiday, or special occasion. Ever again!! Now when eating the 500 calories you still want to eat mindfully. Meaning, you still don’t want to have a donut for breakfast, because you’ll be hungry like crazy afterwards. What you don’t want to do on your fast days is to get your blood sugar up. So you still want to stay away from starches, and you can still eat bread, just have whole grain. This is when the glycemic index come into play. Eating that donut would spike your sugar, which is what you don’t want on fast days. This morning I had one egg scrambled with a tablespoon of 2% milk, 109 calories, two slices of bacon, 84 calories, and a half cup of 2% milk, 60 calories. Speed had the same thing, but he added a slice of whole grain bread, 80 calories. Tonight I’ll be boiling shrimp, 5 jumbo boiled shrimp is only 70 calories! I’m planning on having a bunch. The part about this that makes it so awesome is knowing I don’t have to weigh all this shit out tomorrow! I can go back to eating whatever I want and used to eating! Only having to do this two times a week, and not having to give up something ever again! That was the one reason why quitting smoking was so hard for me, knowing that when I say “I quit _____” I can never have ______ again!!! EVER!! That sucks!! The only thing I foresee that will make it hard today is the smell from the nearby taco stand! El Charro T!! I gave up liquor for lent, so I’ve been craving their margaritas, and then they were closed on Easter Sunday! (How dare they! LOL!) But since yesterday was so slow, I did’t bother to get one, and today I can’t since it’s my fast day. I usually don’t smell the deliciousness from the taco stand, but the wind is coming from the north today, therefore wafting it’s salivating smell over to me! Oh dear, I hope I can hold on!! I can have that great smell tomorrow. I’ll let you know how this goes……hopefully well! Once we reach our desired weight, then we only have to fast one day out of the week to reap the benefits. The way I see it, is we’ve got to do something, and this seems WAY easier then having to give up my favorite foods and not making the fantastic recipes I find on Pinterest.

Today is kinda crappy weather. We need the rain though, big time. Today Marburger Farm opened up. This is a big area with many tents that sell antiques, but they charge to get in. It’s on the north side of Warrenton, where we are on the south side. We’re hoping that some of those people leave eventually and come down here. Yesterday wasn’t great, the slowest day that we’ve had. I think it’s a good day to leave and look for a dress to wear on Thursday night’s Junk-o-rama Prom. It’s definitely a good day to leave and finally go shopping and some of these booths!!

Junk Among Us


I haven’t written since November and a lot has happened since then. The only main thing that’s affected me was the sudden death of my beloved Cleo. She was hit by a car at the end of January and it’s still too painful for me to talk about it, so I won’t be going in to any details. During Thanksgiving the dog that lived with our neighbors across the street came over and pretty much never left. Her name is Annie, and around Christmas they asked if we wanted to keep her, since she was always over and having such a great time. They are trying to sell their house and would be needing her to stay somewhere, so we were the likely choice. She’s a real sweet dog, and Coco has gotten accustomed to her. Last Thursday another dog showed up at our doorstep. Annie and Coco were barking like crazy, and I thought there was something outside for them to chase, so I opened the door, and there he was. He was very skinny that’s for sure! His poor ribs were showing. We then saw him running around with the horses. Well I decided to give him some food, and that did the trick, because I don’t think he’s leaving. Especially once I put bacon grease on his food. I don’t think he’ll be an inside dog. He’s much too energetic, and when he starts to play with Annie they have no boundaries and have knocked over several outdoor lights. Yesterday they ran off to an abandoned house down the road and across the street which is NOT ok. I don’t want to have to deal with another dog being hit by a car. That was brutal! After the antiques week I’ll get around to making him an appointment to make sure he’s healthy, and consider getting him neutered. So far we named him Bo, mainly because I wanted a name that ended in an “O”, I suggested Hobo, since he was a lost dog, and Speed said Bozo, since he’s so crazy. That’s how we got the name Bo, which can get confusing since we take care of a horse with the same name.

Speaking of Antiques week, this is crazy! http://www.antiqueweekend.com will give you all the information you need to find out what is open, when, and if it costs money to get in. Many years ago in Round Top, Texas a woman starting selling her antiques, now it’s a huge, insane, way bigger than she probably ever imagined, Antiques and Junk selling mecca. Anything you are looking for, I’m pretty sure you can find it here. Speed and I only live 25 miles away so we commonly ride through the area.There were plenty of signs stating that there were vendor spaces for rent, and we called one up that was in Warrenton, Tree Park Antiques, and they had an opening right up against the street. They also had a RV area where we could park our travel trailer. So now we have a place to go to the bathroom, make something to eat, or just hang out. Which is nice, however I haven’t been really able to “hang out” since I’m usually the only one here. Speed and I usually drive out here, set up, and then he leaves. He can’t sit for long periods at a time. I can however. As long as I have my gadgets..iPhone, iPad, and some decent service then I should be alright. I’m worried about when more and more people get here, the service won’t be as great as it has been and I’ll be utterly bored!

Speed has a warehouse full of junk and he wants to finally get rid of some of the stuff in there. Start to clean out and decide what’s worth keeping, throwing away, or selling. It was surprising to go through it, because there was a lot of good junk! One of the cool things he found was his grandmother’s door to her house, it had the handle in the middle of the door and a bunch of detailed work. I told him there was no way we were going to sell that! I want that door on our future house. (When I say future house, I’m not talking anytime soon, it’s just a wish that we have, to build another house on higher ground of our property.) But there were plenty of other doors to sell, along with shutters and windows. We have a plethora of things. Burlap sacks, Coca-Cola signs, tea boxes, wire baskets, dishes, armoire, vanity, outdoor furniture, food grade buckets (that you can store food in for the end of the world), some of Speed’s old furniture that doesn’t fit in our house, wood burning stoves, and a boat. You name your price you can have it! I wish I had some business cards made with my email address on them. That way I could give them to my customers and have them email me their creation out of what I sold them. I’d like to see what they do with my old junk. I just thought it would be a neat way for me to interact with other people. When I told Speed he thought I should do it so I can see what they make and then we could start doing it and selling it too. That’s typical of him. Lately he has been ordering signs for the candy factory from a man down the street from us. He gave us a welcome sign that he had that someone was to buy but didn’t, so Speed is going to ask him to make another sign using some of his scrap materials that will hang underneath the Welcome sign, it will be Junk Among Us. I think it sounds like a dinosaur name. And I wonder if it should be hyphenated, Junk-Among-Us, hmmm maybe not. I think it was brilliant on Speed’s part, but of course I’m not going to tell him that. He thinks he’s doing me a “favor” by “letting” me sell his junk. He told me he was doing this so I would have a “job”. Isn’t he so kind? Well, whatever, I’m having a good time, meeting and talking to new people, the awesome stuff there is to see, and I really can’t wait for the Junk-o-rama Prom on April 4th by the Junk Gypsy sisters http://www.gypsyville.com. I bet there is a whole underground network of parties that I’m not tapped into yet, and I’m going to figure out a way to get in!!!