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My Baby Annie


It’s been a while since my last blog, but I’ve been mourning the loss of our baby Annie. (I don’t like calling them furbabies, because to me they’re my babies) The plan for me was to go to Galveston on August 27th because I hadn’t seen Speed in a while and bring along Coco and DIzzy, this would be Dizzy’s first trip to the island. That morning Speed needed me to go down to the shop and look for some paper work for him. As usual I took all four dogs with me so they can go to the bathroom before it was time to go. Annie and Bacon were staying at home, and Goofy was coming that day to watch them and the horses while I was gone.
All three but Dizzy went off “hunting” (as Speed and I call it) in the pasture next to ours, which is still facing the busy street (the speed limit is 70 mph). When I got done I started calling for them, and Coco was the only one I saw, and came back. I had to leave by a certain time so I couldn’t wait for them to come back before I left.

They would usually go off hunting when I went for my morning jog and be gone for a couple of hours. Then later I would find Annie laying outside on the porch ready to come in. Sometimes Bacon would come back before Annie, and we would say that she gave him the slip. There were a few times we thought she went off hunting and she slipped back and took a nap in the trailer Speed has in his shop. One time she was gone for 9 hours, and I had to drive the mule down the dirt road next to our house, and that’s where I found her, walking real slow, we gave her the nickname Grannie Annie.

Well, I left, then text Goofy that they were hunting and went on to Rosenberg for my appt. My dad read on FB that I was going there, and had already made plans to visit his brother in another town not far and asked if I wanted to join them for lunch. When I got to my Uncle’s office, I was able to leave Coco and Dizzy in there while we went to lunch. On the way Speed called and asked what I was doing and such, but didn’t say much of anything. I thought he sounded kinda sad.

So we finished lunch and I made it to Galveston with the dogs, and I went straight to pick Speed up. He wanted to see the dogs and take a break, so we went to the warehouse (which is where I used to live before I moved in with Speed in the Middle of nowhere) We got there and we let the dogs out. I dropped my purse off and came back outside to Speed and the dogs, when I walk up to him he hugs me and says something I can’t understand, except for the word Cleo. All I could say was “Huh?” and I thought “It’s been 8 months since Cleo passed away, we can not be crying every time we come to Galveston, we didn’t the last time. I thought it was getting easier?” That’s when he said it again but much clearer “Annie is in heaven with Cleo”. I went limp, and cried “What?!? No!!!!!” and he held me tighter and I cried.

As some of you may know it is HOT in Texas and we’re in Galveston (along the coast) where the humidity is 95% and makes it worse, and let’s not to forget I was wearing Jeans because I hadn’t shaved my legs in God knows when, so needless to say I was sweating in places one just shouldn’t sweat! All I wanted to do was go inside and cry, which is exactly what I did. Then I hugged my Coco. He told me that a Fayette County Sheriff officer found her on the road, she had been hit by a car. Her collar had her name and Speed’s phone number on it, so he called him and told him the news. That was when he called me on the way to lunch with my dad. The officer brought her over right after Goofy had gotten there, so he went ahead and buried her in between Cleo and Lucky. Goofy said that Bacon seemed a bit lost without Annie around to hunt with. I feel sorry for him, we called him Annie’s boyfriend, because he would always go straight to her to play with.

I text my friends and Dory was the one who could come over. She was at the library and had to leave because she was crying. That’s the one great thing about having friend’s that are dog lovers too. They totally understand and get what having a dog they cherish is all about. I can always count on her to help me drown my sorrows in wine.

When Annie came to permanently live with us, she had already been over almost everyday. She came over on Thanksgiving of last year, she was our neighbor’s dog, and from then after would come over and play with Cleo and Coco everyday. When we were gone for about a week in January. She would come over and sit on our porch all day until it was dinner time and she would go home to eat. After Cleo died, they brought over her bed and food bowl and she was a permanent resident at the house. So to me it means something special that she specifically chose us to be with. I guess she saw how great we take care of our babies, (bacon grease on their food gets them every time) and wanted to be one too. And we gladly welcomed her.

I remember telling Annie how much I loved her a few days before, when I found her on the guest bed taking a nap. She had started doing what Coco does and lifting her leg up when you walked by so you can rub her belly. So I rubbed her belly (she was SO soft) and gave her kisses and told her how much I loved her. That’s a great memory to have of her. The last time I saw her she was trotting away with Bacon doing what she loved the most hunting.











Who’s Bruno Mars?!?


Dizzy woke me up early this morning, right around 6am. I decided I was feeling good enough to at least walk, and maybe even jog. I use a Couch to 5K app to help me run for longer distances gradually. I was able to jog even though I was a bit slower than usual. I also use the free Nike+ app to track my distance, time, and pace, while playing my music; there are a lot of cool features on the app and I think it’s a must have! So today my back feels much better. My butt still feels sore from the squats on Tuesday, and now my abs and triceps hurt from Wednesday, so it was nice to stick to cardio.

Goofy left today. I made some biscuits and bacon and some coffee for breakfast (I don’t drink coffee, so that was really nice of me) He was going through the list of things about what’s locked up and such when he mentions that the mule (which is basically an awesome ATV) was parked in the shop and was out of diesel. He tells me he barely had enough to drive it up to the shed to feed the horses. The shed is closer to the shop than the house. And I have specifically tried not to take any scooter or mule to do things so I don’t start gaining a bunch of weight. Maybe he should take my advice. Boy, I sure hope something bad doesn’t happen where I’ll need it, like the horses getting out or Annie goes off “hunting” for 12 hours. I bet he find some fuel for it when he gets back! Last Sunday when Boss Lady and my friend were having lunch at the Olive Garden, I mentioned that I was going to have to go back home and deal with Goofy, and Boss Lady teased me asking “Is Goofy your second husband?”, which I practically snorted at and said “Goofy is more like my fifth dog!” We had quite a good laugh at that!

Today I got my Dogeared charm in the mail! (pic below) I love their shipping, both packages I’ve gotten have arrived within two days, and the estimated delivery date was the 24th! That’s a big deal out here in the middle of nowhere! I ordered a Texas charm to go with my cross necklace that I bought a few weeks ago. They had an awesome August sale and I was able to get the cross necklace for $14.99 (normally $48…I think) with 1.99 shipping! I wanted to start a charm necklace, and the chain alone is $30, so I decided to get a necklace cheap, then build off of that.The first time I went on the website was when I got my friend a necklace for her Birthday and it was a deal through Good Morning America. (I love their Deals & Steals) Now I can’t stop. I made an account and a wish list, I want rings, charms, and another necklace (a piece of candy), since they don’t make it as a charm, and no telling what else they will eventually make in the future and end up wanting 😉

Nothing really exciting happened today,while I was blinging a bikini, Dizzy hit my table when I had a glass of tea on it. Luckily the tea got all over me and not the bikini :o/ It started thundering later which made him scared and he tried to burry his head in my lap. Poor baby. I can’t wait to take him to Galveston and to the beach, probably for the first time in his life. I made a delicious dinner that consisted of a baked potato, zucchini and a red bell pepper sautéed with olive oil and some all seasoning, and a very thin steak that I cooked in my cast iron skillet. (pic below, but I had already ate all the bell pepper before I remembered to take a pic) It was good!!! I’m getting pretty good at this cooking stuff! I’m looking forward to a week in Galveston and having access to fresh seafood! Speed and I didn’t realize that we had become seafood snobs while living in Galveston. It’s hard to find fresh seafood in Central Texas, however we’ve got some great beef!

So yesterday I went into the Tractor Supply store to get some soil because Wal-mart was out. (I can’t wait for the super-center to open!) I was behind an older heavier couple in line. The lady getting their purchases together in the shopping cart while the husband paid. I’m just standing there with my wallet in my hands and the woman turns to me and says “I love your T-shirt.” I then look down at myself and notice that I’m wearing my new Bruno Mars concert T-shirt! “I love him” she continues, when I look back up her husband and the cashier lady are looking at me. “Bruno Mars?” I say as I look up and notice that she doesn’t have all her teeth. I begin to tell her that my friend had an extra ticket so I jumped on the chance to go and she said that she would’ve done the same thing. I told her it was an awesome concert and if she ever gets a chance to go then do it! (I also suggest that to y’all too) They were done and soon left, and it was my turn to check out. As soon as I walked up to the cashier lady she looks at my shirt and asks, “Who’s Bruno Mars?” I thought “WHAT!?! Are you kidding me!?! You don’t know who Bruno Mars is?!?” I was so taken off guard from the conversation with the toothless woman and then from Loretta not knowing who Bruno was, that all I could say was “A singer”. I mean really Loretta? Do I have to explain everything around here?



Weekend Recap


Another hump day has arrived. I was busy having a really fun weekend to bother with another post. Last Thursday night I went to the Bruno Mars concert and it was a BLAST!!! Bruno Mars is an outstanding performer!! If you ever get a chance to see him, I highly suggest you do! When I woke up on Thursday my sciatic nerve was pinched and was killing me! I did manage some yoga and then it felt fine. But after getting into the high heels that I bought that afternoon for the concert, I managed to move a certain way and it started hurting again. Imagine that! But they were fabulous heels and I sure did look good!! (pics below)

The plan was for Goofy to come up from Katy with the car that I would be driving and he stayed here and watched the dogs while I left for the weekend. Speed had talked to him the night before and told him to call him when he got there because he needed some things. Did Goofy remember that? Do you thing he did it? No….he called Speed after I left. “What’s uuuup?”, like the complete stoner he is. “Ok, this is what I need…”, “Ah man she already left”…. UGH!!! Speed needed some parts to fix the taffy machine, and he wanted me to get a nice shirt for him to wear for dinner on Friday night with the family for his son’s, Speed Jr. AKA Junior, Birthday. I told him that he should have told me to call him.

I moved on to Galveston Friday afternoon and met up with Speed and Boss Lady for lunch at Salsa’s. After having to go and get Speed a new polo we managed to get ready for dinner at Gaido’s and it was OK. It’s not as fabulous as it used to be with finger bowls at the end of dinner, and the server using that little thingy that gets the crumbs off the table…a crumber? The main thing was to be with family, and that was the fun part!

On Saturday the only main thing on the agenda was to go to the beach, which we managed to do from 2-4, without getting a sunburn AND my friend Dory came to hang out. That NEVER happens, especially a place where a swimsuit it recommended! After the wonderful beach we got ready, picked Junior and took him out to dinner. We then met up with some of his friends and mine, then Speed met us when he was done closing the Candy Factory.

Speed’s family started a candy factory in Galveston back in the 70’s, he bought it from his father in the 90’s, but his father and son run the place. Well, Saturday morning came and both managers quit (they were married, but not when we hired them at different times). Did that leave them in a bind? Sure….but we soon found out, and we had a suspicion, that he wasn’t doing a damn thing but pissing everybody off! Three people came back and asked for their jobs. We heard rumors that they were telling people they owned the place! He couldn’t get along with our “candy man” who is our oldest employee! It’s more like “Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!”

But this has put our world in a bit of an upheaval! Speed really needs to finish out the summer there. The day they quit was the second best Saturday of the summer. With Labor Day weekend coming up then there is no doubt that another big day will be happening again, makes you wonder what we could’ve been making all summer! He left today and Goofy is still here, he will leave tomorrow I think and bring down some stuff to Speed in Galveston, and work on a few things. Then after the weekend he will show up here on Tuesday and then I’ll take Coco and Dizzy down to Galveston with me, while Goofy will take care of Annie and Bacon here. We’ll spend the Labor Day weekend there and both of us will come home afterwards. We’ll have to go back and forth for some months, and I really don’t know what to expect, but at least I’ll be going back to Galveston where my family and friends are. However going there, I spend money, which I would like to NOT do, since I’m trying to save and pay my Dad for the Disney trip in February.

The really cool thing that has developed from the weekend is, I might have a job!! I’ve been wanting to get the Candy Factory on social media sites for a while! I’ll be able to do that and get paid for it!! Also, Boss Lady was talking to the lady that owns the shop where she has here trunk shows at and she needs someone to get her store on social media too! So hopefully I can make some money doing this! Plus it’s super easy for me to do, and I can do it anywhere!

In the meantime I’m trying to deal with my sciatic nerve and the horrible pain associated with it!! The only thing that sucks the most is sitting makes it worse and that’s what I have to do in order to bling out the bikinis for Boss Lady! I really need to work on my core strength, which might be the problem. I also want to go to the chiropractor, which is a bit of a drive, so the best thing to do is to go on the way to Galveston. However that’s next week and the dogs will be with me, but I guess I’ll figure out a way to manage.

Enjoy the pics and the photobomber below!










Hump Dayyyyy


I’m surprised I didn’t see that commercial with all the TV watching I did today! Don’t worry that’s not all I did, though I have done it on the past. Many, many times…

Today my goal was to finish glueing the stones on the blue metallic bikini. Which I get to do from a TV tray sitting on my IKEA chair blinging away. The way I see it, I’m at least making money while sitting on my ass watching TV. AND I can Viggle too! It’s a win-win!! Unfortunately I found out way later (like when I had a two inch spot left on the butt) that I put the wrong color of blue on the damn bikini. I’ve only made this mistake once, and I made sure to have all the bikinis with the right stones since then. When Boss Lady and I figured it out she thinks that maybe she switched them by accident when she was hungover while I was visiting her in Dallas. I completely agree! I posted a picture of Dizzy “helping” me bling. I’m planning on leaving tomorrow for a big weekend and I needed it done so I can give it to Boss Lady. She’ll be coming down to bring her new swimsuit line to a trunk show close to Galveston, so GIRLS WEEKEND!!! WHOOP! However Speed is already there working, but I’m sure we can party around him 😉 Our main plans are to drink and go to the beach and go to a few clubs! But before I get to any of that excitement I get to go to Bruno Mars tomorrow night!!! The friend that lost his husband in May (I mentioned this yesterday) bought two tickets, and then his sister bought a solo ticket. So the sister moved up and will be sitting with her brother and I’ll get her solo seat. They failed to mention this until after I accepted, but I totally don’t care. I just need to remember to not get too drunk and start acting like a fool in front of people I don’t know. However I tend to use that as an excuse to get drunk since I won’t be seeing them ever again. So we’ll see! 😉 I can’t wait to see them both and hang out with them! I don’t think we’ve really gotten to do that in at least five years!

I didn’t work out this morning. I didn’t have a good nights’ sleep and at one point Dizzy put his paws up on the bed, which is what he does to wake me up, but it was NOT the time to do so. So when he did at again in the morning and I finally got my ass out of bed and shuffled into the living room, I find that it’s 6:10am! WTF?! So after letting them out to pee I sat down and started my day with a bit of VH1 until Good Morning America started at 7. I told myself I’d lift weights later, but I didn’t. I spent the whole day sitting on my ass in my pajamas cleaning. When I finally got the bikini done, I did ten quick “girly” push-ups and then showered at around 7 at night. I’m hoping to get some good sleep, and have a quick jog in the morning. Goofy will be arriving before noon to stay here and watch the dogs and take care of the horses while we’re gone. When we’re gone we worry about the girls ganging up on Dizzy. There have been times when all three were in the house and we heard Dizzy howling and Speed ran inside and found him in the cornered by them in the dining room. So we asked Goofy to take Dizzy down to the motorhome and stay with him during the night. The great thing is Dizzy wakes him up early too! Gotta love my babies!


It’s been too long…


Well, I haven’t bothered to write a blog since April! Plenty has happened since then. I’ll try to give you a quick recap. First weekend of May I got bitten by Bacon. I don’t know if I had mentioned it before, but we found out that the dog that came to us that we named Busy, is really named Bacon. I talked to the owner, he mentioned that he would be taking him with him when the lease is up and moves. However it’s been so long since that discussion that I think he left him. I haven’t seen his truck in a while. So it looks like for now he’s ours!
A dear friend passed away in May, very unexpectedly. That was definitely a sad time to go through. In July our neighbor across the street passed away too. It makes me sad thinking about either one of them so I’m not going to discuss this too much. I just want to say that they were both great men and the world has lost two really good loving people.
After going to the Houston race in April I started working for my friend, she has really pretty rhinestoned bikinis that women buy for competition and she pays me per bikini to individually glue the stones on them. I was thinking that even though it isn’t an ideal job, it gets money in my pocket while I can sit at home and figure out what in the hell I’ll be doing for the rest of my life. And so far that’s fine by me. I opened up a savings account and decided to put $10 per bikini in it so I can have a little something. I don’t know exactly what I’m gonna do with it, but if I had started at the beginning then I would have over a thousand dollars now. That would be a nice chunk of change!
I also have decided to run in the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February 2014. I’m going with my niece who will be 21 a few weeks before the event, and we’re excited! We’ll be meeting another friend of mine there too, she did it earlier this year and got me excited! That’s another thing that I’m saving for. My dad has graciously offered to put it on his credit card while I save the money to pay him back. I’m hoping my niece can save a little too so we can pay for the whole trip!
That’s all I can remember right now, besides a fun weekend with some of my girls in Dallas, and then another fun weekend for my friend’s daughter’s Birthday party at Lake Conroe.

On a side note, I think that I need to do something different in my life. I need to change some things. I can’t continue to live day-by-day with no goals, physically, mentally, spiritually. I feel like a lush half of the time. Pretty much a bunch of my habits are unhealthy. The only thing I’ve been doing right is walk/jog in the morning while it’s cool, which I enjoy because I take the dogs with me. There are a bunch of things I’d like to do. I think “I need to do this, or that” and then I think “nah, that’s too much work” and have a glass of wine! But I have projects that I want to do and finish and I can’t find the motivation to do ANYTHING! So if you have some wonderful idea on how to prioritize my life that would be great! Or even better if you’re a life coach and don’t want payment for it, I’m coachable! I pretty much need something I can do to help myself because I have no money to pay for someone to help me!

I’m going to try and make my blog posts smaller and try to do it more frequently…we’ll see how that goes…probably like my other healthy ideas…out the window! LOL!

Just Another Day at the Ranch


I guess I should start with the bad news, I STILL have the eye twitch. However, the good news is it doesn’t feel as frequent. It was really bothering me yesterday when I was trying to read a book on my iPad, I could see it shaking in my vision. Of course this is in my left eye AKA my “good” eye. (I swear I’m sounding older everyday) But out of all the things in the world, and of all the problems I’ve had with my other eye, I guess I really don’t have much to complain about. So, I’ll stop…for today 😉

Nothing has really changed with the plumbing problems. We have at least stopped whatever leak we may have, because the fan is drying up the concrete. That’s at least good, another good is we have another water heater that is used before the add on, which would be laundry, kitchen, and the bathroom in the hall. Which mean even better news…I can shower!!!! It really is the small things in life that matter!

I finished up the second part of my fast diet today, ending at 3 (I was a little late yesterday make a burger), with a half of a large thin crust pepperoni and jalapeño and a nice glass of homemade sweet tea. I had to go to Tractor Supply to get some dog food, they’re the only ones in town that have the Beneful Healthy Weight in 30 pound bags. While I was out I got a pizza at Pizza Hut. And before you start judging my choice in pizza, remember that I live in the-middle-of-nowhere with only that place and a local pizza place that’s also good and is the only thing that Speed will eat, so when he’s away I like to get the other just for something different. Plus it’s right across from Tractor Supply and I had a coupon.

When I got home and fed the dogs, they were going crazy for food and in natural fashion the male dogs scarfed the food down quickly! I also got the collars in the mail today that I ordered for them at (pictured below) for Coco, Annie, and Dizzy. We didn’t get one for Busy mainly because he’s technically not our dog, even though we’ve been feeding him and he sleeps in the dog house we set out on the front porch when he first arrived. Because if he was mine he’s nuts would have already been snipped…poor baby. I tried taking photos of them and have attached the best ones that I could take.

Besides running to the store, I successfully painted all twenty of my digits, toes are India Mood For Love (OPI) and the fingers are Let’s Do Lunch (Sephora), watched last Sunday’s Once Upon a Time (love that show!), and then finished with the normal Tuesday’s Law & Order SVU marathon on USA. I got a FaceTime call from my parents that thankfully made it back from Cozumel safe and sound. During the call I remembered that I was supposed to FaceTime my sister-in-law and talk to my nephew (age 15) who has autism and has been asking about me recently. He was off to Costco with my brother, but I got to see and talk to my other two nephews, ages 12 (and also has a higher functioning form of ASD) and 3. The twelve-year-old showed me his new chick that they got at Easter. Don’t worry they know what they’re doing they already have two adult chickens, 9 rabbits (apparently they keep multiplying) one cat, and a autism service dog. I also have a twenty-year-old niece in college who apparently was on Facebook instead of paying attention in math class. (I’m so thankful that those distractions weren’t even around when I was her age, not to mention that I didn’t need my business aired on the internet then!!!) Can I get an Amen!?!?!

The cherry on top tonight was that Andy Dick is making it another week on Dancing with the Stars! I love me some DWTS, and I have just fallen in love with sober Andy Dick! (not that drunk Andy Dick wasn’t funny, but it’s always great to see a changed man) I used all my votes on him last night and probably will continue to do so until he’s not there anymore. Don’t get me wrong, I think that Zendaya and Kellie are awesome, but their high scores will keep them going for sure, because they’re great dancers! So for now I vote for the underdogs, until it gets really serious!






There’s Just No Getting Around It, Mondays Suck!


Well the bad news is the eye twitch is still there!! The good news is that Annie didn’t pee on the carpet today!! However the other bad news is there is some sort of leak in the bathroom. I’ll explain…

I woke up with my right knee hurting, which then creeped up into my hip. I know, I know I’m getting old. I think this all stems from the 5k I did on Saturday, which I totally didn’t bother to train for. Anyhoo, I finally decided to go into the bathroom to get some Aleve that just so happens to be in Speed’s cabinet which is attached to the wall that has the water heater on the other side of it. (Did I mention that the water heater is in Speed’s closet?) When I stepped up to his sink area my foot splashes in water. At first I thought Annie had peed on the floor again, except it was clear. Then I moved the small little mat and I found a bigger spot on the floor! (Picture below) We have grey carpet in the house, and they put it in the bathroom, and I hate it! I think for me, this is another reason for us to get rid of this damn carpet!! So the other crappy thing about my day was that Speed left to go deal with some stuff in Galveston and will be staying for a few days which means I’m dealing with this problem over the phone. So I call Speed to tell him the good news and he tells me that I’m going to have to go get the Makita (cordless screwdriver) and take the piece of board off to see what’s going on with the water heater. This is after I checked to make sure it wasn’t coming out from under the sink. So once I got the board off, making sure there weren’t any scorpions or other critters to get me, I found that there was water on the floor. (pic below) Great! None of the pipes were wet and the board that the water heater was sitting on was wet. He said that we (I) were going to need to turn the hot water off. So I would need to go ahead and take a shower while I still had hot water. Even better!! So after getting my shower on, and enjoying it because I didn’t know when the next one will be, had to call Speed back and get directions on what to do. At one point I was touching something to see if it was wet and I touched the wires and was shocked! And when I told Speed he said, “yeah, don’t touch those live wires”. Thanks for telling me that NOW!! Then when he was describing what I was supposed to be seeing and I was describing what I was actually seeing, he calmed his voice down really low and said “look, this isn’t hard” Which I role my eyes to. Seriously? You might as well be telling me how to dismember a bomb! I have no clue what I’m doing!! When he finally lets me talk, he says “Oh, does it T off”? Which I reply yes to, I then get an “oh, it must go to the bathroom upstairs” (which we already knew about) After all this deliberating Speed decided I needed to turn the water heater off from the breaker box that resides in my closet. After accomplishing this task I had to get the fan from the guest room (Mom and Dad used it as white noise to drown out all the silence up here) and bring it into Speed’s closet, to try and dry up the water. UGH!!! So now I’m waiting on what will happen next and that whatever happened won’t happen again. Speed isn’t planning on coming back until Sunday with me, I’m supposed to drive down Thursday and meet him so Goofy can take the car back here and watch the dogs for us while we have a FUN weekend with our friends (I’ve been looking forward to this for weeks, so some damn plumbing problem is not going to stop me!!)

The one thing that sucks even more about this is I can’t have a cocktail since I started my fast at 3 today! And the only reason I’m making sure to get my fast done is so I can have whatever I want this weekend!! If anyone bother to read this, all I ask is for a prayer that my eye lid will stop twitching, sometimes it’s the little things in life that can put you over the edge, and I have a feeling this is one of them! I can deal with the knee, hip, back pain, the peeing on the carpet, the not having a job, the not having any friends but Speed nearby (Not that that’s bad, but he doesn’t shop well), the not knowing what the hell to do with my life, and even the plumbing situation in our bathroom. Just please Dear Lord stop the eye twitch!!!!