I’m seriously beginning to think we’re dog magnets!


The sun is just barely coming out from behind these clouds. Whenever it does peek out I run for the chair in the sun hoping to warm up just a little. Tomorrow it will begin to warm up Texas style and and turn out to be a beautiful weekend. In two days I’ll probably be running from the sun instead of towards it. In the meantime I’m just waiting for my friend to get here so we can go to the Junk-O-Rama Prom!! (I might have mentioned it a few times) When the weather is good it makes it bearable to sit out here for long periods of time! I’m currently freezing and want to go home! Or at least get in front of a heater! My toes are cold!!! I was thinking about taking shots of my vodka just to warm up!

Yesterday I mentioned that we left early, or maybe I didn’t, however we did since it started raining on us again. We were home before 4:00. After we got home Speed went down to the shop to work on a few things, he decided to leave Coco and Annie in the house with me and let Bo follow him down. At 4:11 Speed called me, which I missed and had to call back. He begins with “Momma”, which he usually uses when we are talking about our dogs, and I get a bit worried. I immediately look for Coco and Annie and they are safely inside with me, Coco laying on the couch picking up her leg so I can rub her belly, and Annie sitting in the middle of a pile of toys shredding one up into microscopic pieces. All is well inside the house. “What?” I ask. I think that maybe Bo went off and did something he’s known to do (in the 14 days that I’ve known him), Speed finally answers me “Well…”. By this time I know that nothing serious has happened, otherwise I would be able to hear it in his voice. “Looks like Bo found himself a friend out here”. Which can only mean another dog. “Are you serious?” knowing damn well he’s serious, we don’t joke around about feeding another mouth! We just had to get more dog food on the way home! I just needed time to wrap my head around ANOTHER dog?! For real?!?! He then tells me that he looks really skinny and he was limping. I told him I’d get some food and come out there. We met right at the RV barn. He looks like my brother’s dog, Sarge, which I think is a labrador. Speed said he was confused when he saw him, because he’s the color of Coco (blonde) but the size of Annie (big). He was all wet since it had been raining and he there was (still is) some rash or just a road rash on him. We gave him some food. He kind of stumbles around a bit, not much coordination. Speed had to put Bo in the utility room just so the new guy could eat. After he was done he followed me over to the porch, sniffed the yard a bit and then came and found me on the bench. He put his paw on my leg, which is what Cleo and Coco do when they want some “lovin'”, so I started petting his head. He eventually laid down in front of me, and then I noticed him shivering, and I knew more rain was coming. So I led him over to the back of the house into the utility room with Bo. We already had the heater on low for Bo the previous night, so it was already warm in there, I turned it on high so it would get nice and toasty for them. I sat down a bowl of water and he drank it right up, refilled it, same thing, filled it a third time and he finally stopped drinking. Right around 5 o’clock a couple that we know from Galveston was taking a short vacation in their motorhome and showed up. We went to dinner with them and were back a little after 7. When I went to check on the boys, the new dog (we’ve nicknamed him Blondie for the time being) was finally dry. I could then make out the injuries he had on his head and legs. He laid down for me again and rolled on his back, showing me his belly, he’s really sweet. I checked out his teeth and they look pretty bad, really worn out. He’s so skinny you can see his ribs and the vertebrae down his back. Another poor baby we need to doctor up. The first thing Bo and Blondie need are baths, I wonder if they’ve even had one. I think Annie has had only four in her life. Her first owner kept her outside so she didn’t get things like chew toys or baths. When they come to live with us, they live in the lap of luxury! Then I guess I’ll make vet appointments for them to make sure they have a clean bill of health. Both Bo and Blondie gobble their food up! I could imagine that I would too! We checked on them periodically, Bo would always hear us coming and meet us at the door. At one point Blondie had no idea we opened the door, he was completely passed out! The only thing moving was his chest from breathing, the poor baby probably hadn’t had a descent nights sleep. This morning they seemed pretty happy. Coco and Annie haven’t met the new addition, they’ve only sniffed him off my clothes. We try to let the girls out in the front yard to go to the bathroom separate from the boys in the back yard. At least for now.

So I have no idea what this means, dogs showing up to my house unexpected. One of my friend’s said that it was my beloved Cleo who is sending these dogs to me. Knowing that I’ll love on them. Another said it was God sending them to me because he knows how sad I am missing Cleo. And one more suggested it was because Speed and I are such good parents and that it wasn’t an accident. In the past months, hell years, I’ve wondered what I should “do” with my life/career. And there have been a few times when I have thought about dogs, taking care of them, or having some short of shelter or kennel. I thought that it would be a hassle and that I would be “tied down” to it. But maybe that’s exactly what I need? If I was tied down to it I could establish something. And who wouldn’t want absolute unconditional love everyday? Having a dog is awesome. They are ALWAYS happy when you come home, and they’re completely fine with eating the same thing everyday and they don’t bitch about it!! When Speed and I were feeding Blondie, we just looked at each other with a look of dumfounded defeat, it was obvious we were keeping the dog. I can never send a poor baby who just wants someone to take care of them away. They came to me for a reason, and I don’t know if anybody would want such an old sick dog and the energizer bunny! But I’ll keep them. Have I mentioned that since Bo has been here the pass two weeks he’s chewed on a flip flop, my work boots, my rubber boots, paint brush, paint scrapper, pen, the mat we put in the dog house and the solar lights we have in the front yard. He’s a bit of a chewer….that’s an understatement. Looks like I’m going to need to start making some money to feed four dogs, and get to the boys neutered!

Here are all the pictures I took of him. He looks pretty skinny, hopefully he’ll fill out soon.







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