Just another day in the junk business!


Today is April 2nd, and I managed to get away yesterday with a fool-less day. April Fool’s Day was a day I hated while teaching. The students thought their jokes were funny and they were anything but, nor were they ever able to fool me. The only person who almost got me was our police officer who came to tell me that a bus hit my car. My eyes got huge and I started to walk out saying, “if this is a Fool’s joke I’m going to hurt you”, and he started laughing. This was the first year I was teaching and my classroom was right in the front entrance and office. When I think about it now, I’m struck at how stupid he was about to lead me out of my classroom with my students unattended. Can we say lawsuit anyone? He eventually stopped working there because they made all the officers take a test, and he couldn’t pass it….go figure.

Today Speed and I are starting the Fast Diet. I downloaded the book, by Dr. Michael Mosley, to my iPad over the weekend. Since I’m kinda just sitting around selling junk it was easy to read so quickly. The medical research that has been done on fasting is pretty fascinating to me. The diet breaks down like this, for two days out of the week you eat only 500 calories that day, men eat 600 calories, and for the other five days you can eat whatever and how much you want. You can choose what days you want to do this, so you don’t ever have to worry about dieting on a Birthday, Holiday, or special occasion. Ever again!! Now when eating the 500 calories you still want to eat mindfully. Meaning, you still don’t want to have a donut for breakfast, because you’ll be hungry like crazy afterwards. What you don’t want to do on your fast days is to get your blood sugar up. So you still want to stay away from starches, and you can still eat bread, just have whole grain. This is when the glycemic index come into play. Eating that donut would spike your sugar, which is what you don’t want on fast days. This morning I had one egg scrambled with a tablespoon of 2% milk, 109 calories, two slices of bacon, 84 calories, and a half cup of 2% milk, 60 calories. Speed had the same thing, but he added a slice of whole grain bread, 80 calories. Tonight I’ll be boiling shrimp, 5 jumbo boiled shrimp is only 70 calories! I’m planning on having a bunch. The part about this that makes it so awesome is knowing I don’t have to weigh all this shit out tomorrow! I can go back to eating whatever I want and used to eating! Only having to do this two times a week, and not having to give up something ever again! That was the one reason why quitting smoking was so hard for me, knowing that when I say “I quit _____” I can never have ______ again!!! EVER!! That sucks!! The only thing I foresee that will make it hard today is the smell from the nearby taco stand! El Charro T!! I gave up liquor for lent, so I’ve been craving their margaritas, and then they were closed on Easter Sunday! (How dare they! LOL!) But since yesterday was so slow, I did’t bother to get one, and today I can’t since it’s my fast day. I usually don’t smell the deliciousness from the taco stand, but the wind is coming from the north today, therefore wafting it’s salivating smell over to me! Oh dear, I hope I can hold on!! I can have that great smell tomorrow. I’ll let you know how this goes……hopefully well! Once we reach our desired weight, then we only have to fast one day out of the week to reap the benefits. The way I see it, is we’ve got to do something, and this seems WAY easier then having to give up my favorite foods and not making the fantastic recipes I find on Pinterest.

Today is kinda crappy weather. We need the rain though, big time. Today Marburger Farm opened up. This is a big area with many tents that sell antiques, but they charge to get in. It’s on the north side of Warrenton, where we are on the south side. We’re hoping that some of those people leave eventually and come down here. Yesterday wasn’t great, the slowest day that we’ve had. I think it’s a good day to leave and look for a dress to wear on Thursday night’s Junk-o-rama Prom. It’s definitely a good day to leave and finally go shopping and some of these booths!!


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