Hurricanes Suck….no matter where you live!


As much as I try to avoid watching all of the coverage of Hurricane Sandy it’s kind of hard not to. It’s obviously on The Weather Channel, and on all the news channel local and national, tonight there will be some sort of televised event to raise money for the victims. Just as they did for Hurricane Katrina. But people who have fallen victims of previous hurricanes who don’t get money raised for them, are lucky to get the President (not matter whom it is) to get them to visit their devastated home, I’m sure are feeling a bit bitter. I know, because I am.

For one thing, it always seems that the hurricanes that hit the Gulf coast happen in the middle of the night. You never have the luxury of daylight when the storm hits and you’re able to go outside during the eye of the storm and take pictures. It always seems that you spend all day boarding up your home, then go to sleep, and then wake up with the noise of a freight train riding by your house, when you know damn well that that’s impossible. So at least Hurricane Sandy came during the day, which, added with social media and the fact that they still hadn’t lost cell service gave them ample opportunity to flood Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with images that were “horrific” (some TV person’s word NOT mine) After the storm I could’ve used one of those solar panel cell phone chargers (which, by the way, I now want one) but it wouldn’t have mattered since there was NO cell phone service. I’m watching people on TV who are nice enough to let people charge their electronic devices (which I think is REALLY awesome of them to do) and I’m thinking “They have cell phone service? They can at least tell people how they’re doing? That they’re alive?!” There was nothing like that for us. Eventually there was an emergency antenna set up on top of an overpass on I-45 where we would have to stop so I could get a signal. So the East coast already has it better than us.

Second, they should be lucky a certain President with the help of Congress didn’t approve a bunch of dumb bailouts after Hurricane Ike, so we were quickly forgotten. But I guess you can’t forget New York. All this week I’ve gotten emails from various companies that have their headquarters in NY and have stated they won’t be back to “normal” for a while. And when you have THAT many people living in one area, nearly 3,000 people per square mile, your’re not going to be “normal” for a long time. Which brings me to the NYC marathon. Bloomberg was dumb not to cancel it immediately. If you can’t support the people who live there, what makes you think you can bring in an additional, what thousands of people? Seriously? All those people who paid for travel reservations, the difficulty to get those planes in there, and all the “parties” they were going to have and brought in generators for. What a mess!!!

So by now I’m really tired of the bitching and complaining. The people’s home that burned, I feel for you, that sucks. And if you don’t have insurance, then that’s going to really suck for you. And I’m sorry to tell you this, but this isn’t the last time you’re going to get screwed. First there will be the insurance scams and you won’t get the money you deserve, or think you deserve. (Because what ever the amount is, it is NEVER enough!) When you finally do get money to rebuild and think you totally scored getting a cheap contractor or were tired of waiting for a big name contractor and you decide to get someone you don’t know, then be prepared to get screwed again. Many people hire someone without knowing them or having any credentials before they sign that contract, and if you don’t stay on top of them then you might have unfinished walls or the beams are uneven, or you didn’t get the right toilet you ordered!! This will happen, and guess what? We’ll hear all the bitching and moaning and groaning again, like it’s never happened to anyone else. It seems like once it finally happens in NY it’s “real”.

I probably watch too much TV, but hasn’t anyone seen any of those programs where they show what would happen if a hurricane hits New Jersey and New York? I mean HELLO? It happened, you knew that the bad shit would happen, and now you’re shocked, pissed, and sad that it did happen. Speed and I like to go to New Orelans, we’ve taken many weekend trips there before and after Hurrican Katrina. We went the summer before Ike hit. We had driven around the areas that were hit the worst before, but now we were back. We saw how much little had been done, which people had insurance or not, which ones were still in a FEMA trailer sitting on what used to be their pristine lawn. This was three years later for them. As we drove through the streets Speed told me that it’s not if, but when this happens to our Galveston Island, we’re gonna be screwed. And we need to move out of town ASAP. Hurricane Ike hit only a couple of months after that conversation, and we were screwed. I got 6 feet 9 inches in my house, which was located in downtown Galveston. Speed had his first floor flooded, and the content of several houses in his back yard, including a sailboat.

So in light of all this Hurricane Sandy I would just like to remind a few people that others have gone through your pain before you.

I stayed at La King’s Confectionery on Strand St. in Downtown Galveston. The building is well over 100 years old, and survived The Great Storm of 1900. (which is the storm all Galvestonians refer to) Here’s a look at the inside of the store as the water was just about to come over the floors.

Then later when the water started coming in over the floor

Then here it is with even more water! You can still see the candy jars lined up and under water.

Here’s the sailboat in the back of Speed’s yard. And luckily it didn’t actually land in the pool.

I’ve got all sorts of pictures, and all of them are on my Facebook account, which unfortunately if you’re not a friend you can’t see. But one thing that I don’t have on FB that I just added to You Tube are all my videos from Hurricane Ike. I started uploading them late so they’re not all up up yet, I might add them later.



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