A quickie….


I think of so many things to write about but then I get busy, distracted, or my procrastination sets in. This is going to be a real quick one just to show what I’ve been up to.

I’ve been thinking about Thanksgiving and decorating the house. Well just decorating period, since we moved in the house less than two years ago and we only have the bare minimum. My mother wasn’t much of a decorator when it came to holidays. We really got into Christmas, but the other Holidays didn’t get much attention. I’ve taken a similar attitude but have decided that I want to do something, because I see all these fabulous easy ideas on Pinterest all the time! I saw a really simple idea on there; it was to take small pumpkins and put them in a vase and add black (or natural) branches. The vases I considered filling have a narrow part to them so I wasn’t sure that I would be able to arrange them to my liking. So I decided to take another idea that I saw on Pinterest and The Chew. While I was at the wonderful Hobby Lobby, I got two flameless orange candles that were 50% off. I then went to HEB and bought way too much popcorn kernels, small red beans, and split peas. And used only one bag each per vase (I have two) and then stuck the candle on top, and I wound up with this cute fall decoration:


I finally finished a sign that I made for a friend’s birthday. She’s a really good drinking buddy, and all around good person, and I’m glad to have met her. She also likes black, white, and pink, so those were the colors I planned on using. I had black and white scrapbook paper, I wanted to use pink and white, which I looked for, but couldn’t find (of course I found it after!) I then mod podged that to a scrap of wood that Speed had cut for me, and I sanded down. I made sure to scrap a plastic edge, like a credit card or a ruler over the paper to get the air bubbles out. I then first drew and then painted the words “Drinks well with others” in hot pink. I had to paint several coats to really cover up the black in the paper. That was when I really had wished I used the pink and white paper. After glueing the paper on, but before I painted on the letters, I stained the edges in black, purposely getting some on the corners of the front. After it was all done, I used some rustoleum clear acrylic spray to cover it all and give it a nice shiny coat. I attached some rings and wire on the back it and this is what I got:

Before the Acrylic:


The attachments on the back:


Right before I shipped it:


Here’s the sign with the light shining of off it so you can see how shiny the acrylic makes it:


I told my friend the only thing I would want to add would be a rhinestone martini glass.

I have more to come, a Thanksgiving ornament wreath and pics of Speed taking the previous owners sign off the main entrance.

Tomorrow I head off to the 36th Annual Lickskillet Days festival in nearby Fayetteville. Apparently the town had many previous names, before they settled on the one they have now. Many tourists coming late to the festivals would ask where all the food was, and the were told to “lick the skillet”, so the town became, for a while, Lickskillet. They’re having a hairy legs contest….I can’t wait!!


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