It’s been too long….


Well, it’s been over a month since I posted anything on my blog, and there’s no time like the present, so here we go!

Today I go in for “New Substitute Orientation”. I’m excited that I can start a job and make some money! I only subbed a few times while I was interning, and it was fine and I’m hoping that I won’t have anything too traumatic happen to me. I stopped collecting unemployment in May, that’s also the last time Victoria’s Secret and Chase got any money from me too. Yesterday I received a letter from Chase informing me that they have now transferred my debt over to a collection agency. Oh joy! I really don’t want that to happen to Victoria, because I really love shopping with her, and would I love to keep that card (with actual credit on it)! I’m sure my credit score is going to be really low now!

In the mean time I really want the money to go to the Walkabout in Galveston. This year they’re charging $30 instead of the usual $25. Then I also have to calculate the cost of gas, and of course the whole point of going, the cost of drinking. Which unfortunately costs a bit much, since I can drink like an alcoholic! (Notice I didn’t say “Drink like a fish” because I don’t really nderstand that phrase, and I’m pretty sure I can out drink a fish too!) Since binge drinking is considered drinking 6 or more drinks in one sitting, then call me Queen Binge. This is not exactly a title I am proud of, but it pretty much describes my drinking capabilities well. So with all those costs, and the fact that I can’t even pay my credit card bills, the most responsible thing to do is not go and save my money. Which unfortunately I think is part of being an adult. I’m just going to have to face the fact, bite the bullet, face the music, and not go. Ugh, I don’t want to have to tell my BFF, maybe I just did.

What I want to do more than go to the Walkabout, is the 5k here in Flatonia on the 27th! The 40th annual Czhilispiel is the next weekend, October 26-28. I completed the Galveston Revival Race 5k on September 15th, with a time of 39:36, I came in 16th in my age group (171 overall). I’m hoping there aren’t as many people in the race and maybe I can get higher on the list 😉. I did that one by myself, and tried to pace myself and I jogged a whole mile without stopping, but, couldn’t help feeling slow. Like I was running on sand, or in water, or just like I feel when I’m running in my dream and I’m going nowhere! I hope that it will feel different up here with the weather being not as humid. You know that feeling. If you live in Texas you now that feeling, as soon as you step outside, you want to go back and take a shower, but since you’ll be walking in and out of the thick humidity you don’t bother to take a shower until the evening, when you know you’ll be staying in A/C for the rest of the day. It was also later in the day, and I had done some walking with my parents and cousin downtown, so by the time I walked to the event I was thinking, “Dang my legs are tired”!! Which isn’t good when your about to do a 5k!

The last main thing on my list is to find an RV park for Speed and I to stay at in Orlando, when we go on the family vacation. We want to take Cleo and Coco with us so we decided to take the travel trailer. We’ll all be driving down there, I have two autistic nephews and we don’t know how they’ll be on the plane (especially the day after Christmas). So we’ve decided to drive.

I guess it’s time for me to go have some lunch and start getting ready to go to orientation! I hope I can get a job soon!


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I'm a thirty-something unemployed teacher, who has recently moved out to the middle-of-nowhere and gotten married. My only job now is to find out what to do with the rest of my life and take care of a husband and several dogs on a budget all while trying to keep my sanity! Easy! Right?!

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