Hello Dr. Jekyll!…..Or is it Mr Hyde?


This is not my day…or week for that matter. Why is it when you have financial problems they seem to make whatever other problems you have magnify? As I stated in my previous blog, I’m trying to sell my car. The full coverage insurance expires tomorrow, and I have no money to buy any insurance, so I’ll be going without, and not driving it. Because the way this whole situation has been going, as soon as I drive it, I’ll hit a deer or something bad like that will happen! Then I’d be really screwed. We decided to pay off the loan and get the title from the bank, mainly so we would be able to sell it easier. But in order to do that I had to borrow the money from Speed. However, when lending me the money we were under the assumption that the family would be buying that day for cash that day. No such luck…..So now Speed is extremely worried about his money being tied up into the car! I don’t blame him. I’ve put the car on Craigslist and I’ve gotten an interest from one person that keeps wanting me to send more photos. I’m hoping that all of this picture taking and emailing back and forth will result in something, but I’m not holding my breath.

Yesterday I had to drive to San Antonio and pick up candy for Speed’s Dad. His family owns a candy store in Galveston, TX, and some of the candy (specialty things like truffles) are bought from other stores. The order was 10 boxes worth, so I had to take my car in order to get everything. So while I’m driving I’m also praying that nothing bad happens to the car. I successfully make it there and back. When I do get back, I’m the only one here, so I had to unpack all the boxes and put them in the house, so the candy wouldn’t melt! I’m able to get a quick 30 minute (Couch to 5K) workout in, shower, dress, then leave again to deliver the candy.

Now since we’re leaving to go to Brainerd on Sunday and we’ll be gone for a while, we decided taking the Travel Trailer with the dogs would be the best bet. However we needed a truck to drive it, because Speed’s truck is used to take the white trailer that hauls all the extra parts and fuel. Speed asked his Dad if we could use the “company truck”. And we thought we could meet Speed’s son, Mowgli,  in Houston and collect the truck and give him the candy to take back. However, Mowgli now works on the payroll at the candy store, and couldn’t leave until he was done. So we wound up driving all the way to Webster to meet him. At one point Speed stopped a bit after Katy and had me drive. So I drove to and from San Antonio, From Katy to Webster, and then from Webster to back home. I did a BUNCH of driving! Today I was supposed to drive an hour to Lockhart for a pressure check on my eye, but I called and cancelled.

Yesterday Speed gave me his Shell credit card to get gas. When coming home I stopped just outside of San Antonio and got a full tank of gas. I went to the bathroom and came back to the car, got in, and started to drive off. I felt the credit card in my pocket and thought I needed to take it out, and I did and I thought I shoved it in my purse. But I guess I didn’t. This morning when Speed asked me where the card was, I started to panic. I searched my purse and didn’t find it, we searched the car and didn’t find it. (However I did find the lens cap to my camera that I’ve been missing for four months, and almost started to buy another one!) I mean sure we can call and report it lost and get another one, but we need it before we leave on our trip. And there is NO way a new credit card is going to get here before then (2 days)!! So the one person he relies on (me) to make sure that I don’t make mistakes that doesn’t coast him money, totally screwed up!!

He’s already been grumpy since Monday! And I try to make any conversation so we can not think of the financial problems, but he’s being an ass! Yesterday when I mention that I had a pain by my collar bone, he said “Wait til you get 51!” I replied with “I guess I’ll be as grumpy as you!” What I rather would have said was “Bitch!! You don’t know pain!! I know pain!!! I’m the one with scoliosis and one leg shorter than the other! You ever had your sciatic nerve pinched?! Mine does it about once a month!! Have you ever had a shot in your eye? Or surgery on it?! Oh…no…. that’s right I’M the one that’s had that!! So don’t tell me you know pain Bitch, cause you have NO IDEA what pain is!!! I also have a pain in my ass and his name is Speed!!!!”

But I didn’t, instead I mentioned that he was grumpy, so he would get the picture and maybe lighten up. No suck luck. We get to Pappasito’s to meet Mowgli and his friend, who aren’t there yet, so we wait for them and our table at the bar. I try to offer an olive branch, by just telling him that I love him, and he then apologizes about being grumpy. I tell him “I know honey, it’s OK” and then he says “No, you don’t know, you don’t have a clue!”…….I’m so sorry Dr. Jekyll, I thought I was talking to Mr. Hyde……He said that Cleo, Coco, and I have no clue, and though he appreciates all the cleaning and cooking, but that still costs him too! (It costs money to run a washer and dryer? Huh?! If I had known that I would’ve only washed MY underwear! Fuck his!!!) Like I don’t have bills to pay!?!?!?! Does he think he’s the only one that can hear the phone ringing several times a day and on the weekends from the credit card companies I’m ignoring because because I haven’t paid them since May?

I mean really?! WTF?!!? I guess he senses that I back off of him, and I get quiet and notices the tears well up in my eyes (I don’t shed a tear!! I don’t do that in public places!) But instead I get incredibly pissed off! Here I am trying to move past the issues that are bugging us, making any conversation I can, and yet he’s still an ass!!! And that’s the point I give up. Luckily Mowgli shows up shortly after, so we’re distracted by that and at least he reciprocates in the conversation!! I was glad that I got to drive back alone, instead of riding with Speed. It would’ve been a long ride home.

So after all that, and the fact that this morning we found out that I lost the credit card, it hasn’t been good around here. I’m almost to the point that I don’t want to go on the trip racing because that means I’d have to hang out with him, and that in itself sounds depressing. I want to go only so I can see my friends in Indy on Labor day weekend. I want to go so I won’t be sitting here all alone for 3-4 weeks! I want to go because Minnesota has GOT to be cooler than Texas in August!!

On a side note: I filled out the La Grange ISD substitute teacher application, which was more involved than the Flatonia application. And they want official transcripts and I only have one left from UHCL! But I’ll give it to them, and pray that I get called, so I can make some money, so I don’t have to listen to Speed bitch about money!!!


About avathegreat

I'm a thirty-something unemployed teacher, who has recently moved out to the middle-of-nowhere and gotten married. My only job now is to find out what to do with the rest of my life and take care of a husband and several dogs on a budget all while trying to keep my sanity! Easy! Right?!

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  1. If it ain’t one thing, it’s another! Damn, why can’t Murphy’s Law just be a little more forgiving. Don’t let one grumpy face ruin your trip, you know how to have a good time.

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