White Liar



I’m a firm believer in having to lie sometimes. What I mean are those times when a friend or family member asks you a question, such as “do I look fat in this dress?” and you have to say “no” just so you don’t have to deal with a full fledged crisis. Well, back in December when we moved in, we had not only me and Speed in the house, but my parents and Mater (in the motorhome). So after eating one of my mother’s wonderful cooked meals, Mater announces that he will be retiring down to the motorhome to work on his poetry. Now I nearly spit out whatever it was in my mouth at the time, which he noticed, because Mater doesn’t strike me as a person who would even read poetry let alone write it! My mother was quick to interject that he was rather good, and then Dad said the same thing (with a serious face). So I continued to stay shocked. He then said “I’ll let you read it sometime”, and I said (here’s where the little white lie came) “Sure, that would be cool”. I don’t read poetry; I’m not really interested in anyone else’s poetry. I think even if some of my good friends started writing poetry, I’d probably make fun of them. I’m not saying poetry is stupid or bad or anything like that. Shakespeare obviously knew what he was doing, and some of my favorite poetry is written by him. But I just can’t help the irrefutable urge to laugh! Giggle like there’s no tomorrow. Giggle like a little school girl, cause it’s kinda cheesy! Poetry is too emotional for me, too lovey-dovey. I have a few friends that giggle uncontrollably at a few choice words, and no they aren’t nasty ones either. Well, this white lie has came to bite me in the ass today! After I get done with my third workout of the week, (babysteps people) I come into the living room to find Speed cooking sausage and Mater just sitting on the fireplace. He gets up walks outside and comes back in with a notebook. He then said “I’m going to read you some of my poetry” and I’m immediately thinking of how I can get out of the situation, I’m all nasty and I need a shower, but it’s too late now I’m going to have to listen. I at least stop playing iJewels on my phone and move down closer to where I can hear. I’m glad he doesn’t get all dramatic and turn down the news on the TV, because there is some major weather going on and his poetry can wait. He begins and as usual Mom was right, and it’s pretty good. It’s not long (thank God) and it rhymes every other line or so. He reads me a second one, and now I’m thinking “this better be his last one, cause I’m not going to be able to take too much of this”. It was also not too bad and I tell him “Wow Mater, that was pretty good!” He says “I bet you didn’t think it would be any good” to which I respond to “oh, no” (as in, no I thought it was going to be good) but instead it came out like “no I didn’t think you were going to be good at all.” We all have a good laugh and he then goes to put his notebook back and I go to take a shower.

It snowed last night, and I went outside in the morning and took some pictures of the house. The only problem with the snow was I had to wait before I could go pick up Ariel, my niece, and go to Galveston. Well it turns out that the sun melted the ice and snow in Austin, but it didn’t come out in Houston therefore making it unsafe to travel. Later Speed suggests that I at least get Ariel and she can stay the night here, and if it’s safe to drive in the morning we can leave then. Ariel wants to go to her friend’s graduation party that’s tomorrow and I want to shop a bit with my mom, and visit with Elastigirl and Dory. My brother meets me half way and I bring her back, and then I have to cook dinner. While I’m cooking the chicken to make King Ranch Chicken, Ariel starts making some brownies. Mitch likes his with nuts, and we’ve tried pretty much every kind of brownie mix, and Speed likes his a certain way, he tends to get a bit picky about things. So we have to buy a separate package of walnuts to put in the brownie mix, because we haven’t found a mix that has nuts already in it that he likes. When she puts the mix in the pan, I think that she most have forgotten the Hershey’s syrup that comes with the mix, because it doesn’t look right at all. She said she put it in there, but there’s still something wrong. I go back to making dinner, and then she says “Oh…I forgot to put the egg in!” She had to scoop the mix back out, mix and egg in it and then put it back. I think to myself “well, at least those were Speed’s and not mine!” Since we’re more than likely going to leave in the morning I at least want to leave Speed with some brownies, but I want to make some for me too! By the time we get done with dinner, and making two batches of brownies, and then eating the brownies it’s almost midnight and time to go to bed!


About avathegreat

I'm a thirty-something unemployed teacher, who has recently moved out to the middle-of-nowhere and gotten married. My only job now is to find out what to do with the rest of my life and take care of a husband and several dogs on a budget all while trying to keep my sanity! Easy! Right?!

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