Baby it’s cold outside!



It’s mighty freaking cold today. I woke up at 4:30 am to the winter storm coming through. The wind was CRAZY! Then I remembered the screens that I took off the window and were sitting on the front porch. So Speed had to get out of bed and go get them and put them in the utility room. Then I couldn’t go back to sleep so I wound up getting up an hour later and going upstairs and get on the computer. The lights flickered of earlier, so the computer was off. Then I noticed the printer wasn’t working, nothing I did made it work, so I had to call my NetGear service and was on the line with them for about forty-five minutes working the problem out. The lights went out again later when I was in the shower, I haven’t bothered to check to see if the problem came back.

Today the main things on our mind were to get ready for the serious weather coming our way. Two cold fronts are coming in back-to-back; the second one bringing snow. This will be the first possibility of snow while living up here. I finally get to be the people I’m usually jealous of when I’m in Galveston wondering if the snow would ever reach us. So off to the grocery store we went to get some things. Mater will be coming tomorrow so I wanted to make sure I had enough food for all of us for the next couple of days, so we don’t have to leave to go anywhere. Speed was surprisingly patient in the grocery store today! It has taken us many brownie mixes to find the one Speed likes the most, and it doesn’t come with nuts, so I then had to get a package of walnuts to put in it. He’s spoiled!!! Yesterday while he went to Galveston I was able to get his party invitations in the mail. It’s for his surprise 50th Birthday! It will be the first weekend of Mardi Gras, so we should have a great time!

When we got back there wasn’t any mail, and that’s sadly the highlight of my day!! So the next thing we needed to get done was help the horses. We take care of two of the three horses that Speed’s dad owns. He’s had them up in Huntsville prior to us having them, and they weren’t in good shape. Since then, they’ve gained some weight, and the worse looking one, Dusty, went to a friend to get some special attention. Her son Red stayed, with Beau. Well the little barn/shed they have to keep the wind off of them faces the north, which is where all the damn cold air comes from! So we needed to fix it. I got bundled up and put my pink rubber boots on, which I got from the Tractor Supply Store, and met him out by the shed to get some metal siding. We drove his truck with all his supplies up there, and my job was to unscrew the siding that faced the east. I wasn’t able to reach the top screws, so I ran down to the place where he was trimming trees last week, and get the ladder that fell from the wind. Hiked back up the hill with that and on I went unscrewing; making sure to put every single screw in my pocket. Because according to Speed, “We don’t want to be driving over these with our tires.” Once I got those off, we just slung them over to the side. Next we put three strips of long metal siding that Speed had leftover from the shop addition on the north side of the building. Speed knocked off two boards that were under the siding I took off. I put a bunch of new hay in the barn up at the front, and then got some sweet feed to lure then into their renovated barn. Speed poured some in their bowls, and then lured Beau over with no problem. Then it was time for Red. The problem was we were actually leading them out, where they could break free and make a run for it. Red came out by the gate I had open and went towards Speed with the feed. He kept walking away, he even we out the small gate by the run-down garden but turned back around. He then walked a bit away and got some grass. By then Speed just sat the feed bucket down. I then picked it up and shook it at him, and as soon as he saw that I had it he came towards me and I just backed up into the barn. It was difficult at first for them to be so close. But when we got done and went down to the motorhome and chill a bit, we looked out the windows and saw both of them inside. I was so glad that they had that. Earlier they were on the other side of the pasture trying to get some block from the trees on the property next to us, getting rained on. It’s only going to get colder for the next couple of days, so it was important that they had this, and since there isn’t anyone here but me and Speed, it looks like I was his “ranch hand” for the day!

Even Lucky makes sure to scramble in as fast as she can. She seems to not come in if Speed is standing next to the door, so as long as I call her in and out she’ll come. The first place she goes to hang out is in the guest bedroom where Elastigirl stayed when she was here and dropped her off. I can scoot her out no problem now, but I’m leaving her stay for now. She’s not hurting anything, and she’s been doing a great job at coming as soon as she hears the door open, so everything is good so far! Everyone is nice and warm!


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I'm a thirty-something unemployed teacher, who has recently moved out to the middle-of-nowhere and gotten married. My only job now is to find out what to do with the rest of my life and take care of a husband and several dogs on a budget all while trying to keep my sanity! Easy! Right?!

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