Two days in one


What a crappy day. It seemed to start well. I had an erotic dream last night, don’t know who was there or what was going on, but I do remember being extremely horny. So when I finally woke up the next morning I wanted to get it on with Speed. He wanted to do it the night before, but I was falling asleep on the couch and went to bed. So here I was trying to get it on in the morning, and usually he’s tired so we do it kind of sideways. Anyhoo, needless to say it wasn’t the best and he finished first, which is something he really rarely does, but I just say “Well go get a towel so I don’t have to wash the sheets too!” But it was crappy and I eventually said when he comes back from getting me a towel “Don’t bother, I’ll finish in the shower”, but I was too pissed to even bother then. And of course that was after I had to wait for his ass to get out of the shower, as he apparently sat and sulked in it! If anyone needed to be sulking it’s me! So what did I do later on in the day? Make brownies! Later when I ask Speed if I get to sulk all day like he does when he doesn’t get any, he tells me that it hurt his feeling when I said I’d “finish in the shower”, I told him that I didn’t, but honestly I really didn’t care. He said “I’m tired in the morning and I like to sleep”, to which I said “Well, I’m tired at night and like to sleep.” I’m thinking.…“hurt his feelings”….I mean he does know who he’s talking to right? And then I think about that time shortly after Ike in Dallas when he wants some one night, and seeing that I lost everything in my home, I wasn’t in the mood. He goes to sleep all shitty with me and I have a fitful night’s sleep and wound up waking him up with me crying. Because oh I don’t know, I JUST LOST EVRYTHING I OWNED?! There are SO many times I try to tell him quality NOT quantity! So excuse me if worrying about ones feelings when it comes to sex is the last thing on my mind! I leave it to that….
After my shower I had to clean up because a couple we know through racing was coming through town and was stopping in. Well at one point the dogs got dirty going out with Speed and Coco wound up getting the comforter dirty, so that was another thing I had to wash! Someone was coming to pick up
Dusty the horse who’s the mama to Red, who we still have, was picked up today to get some special treatment. She seemed the sickest when we got all of them and still has her ribs showing. After she left Red just kept coming up to the fence and whinnying at us, He still has Beau, but that ain’t his mama.
The burn ban was lifted today, so Speed was finally able to burn big pile that was here when we bought the place, and we’ve just added to it as we’ve cut branches from trees. Since that was going on we weren’t able to meet the couple for lunch, but that was no big deal, luckily they weren’t staying. Not that I don’t like them or anything, they have their own motorhome, but I don’t feel like entertaining and we have a plumber coming tomorrow. They thought we were still in Galveston so they just stayed for about an hour for the tour then left. Speaking of tour, I did all sorts of cleaning and hiding things that aren’t ready to be put up. So when we go upstairs to show them my office and the two bedrooms, I (who fortunately was in front and didn’t turn on the lights) notice some dark spots on the carpet in front of the bedroom doors, and I had to stop the tour because that’s when I realized it was dog shit! Oh yeah, and not just one spot, I see at least three spots. So I inform them that the tour has come to a stop, until further notice. We all clomp back downstairs and I immediately go get the Resolve spray and some paper towels. The sad thing is that some of it is so hard that it must’ve been there for how long? And the one that she probably dropped the night before was a pile of mush! EW!! So then I was on my hands and knees cleaning up dog shit while Speed entertains them and takes them down to the shop. Luckily they’re dog owners too and completely understand!
By the time they leave it was time to start thinking about making dinner. I already had a recipe I wanted to try, so everything was ready! Spicy barbeque chicken and potato wedges. I get them ready and the dish I’m using for the chicken has a lid, and the 13 x 9 inch pan I use for the potatoes does not have a lid. Speed and I aren’t hungry yet, so we decide to wait a bit, and he starts up his bubble bath. I’ve used the bath tub twice; he’s in it almost every night! So we chill a bit and I start drinking my first glass of wine. When I go to the kitchen to finally put the chicken in the oven, and come in to find half of the potato wedges, that were covered in oil, pepper, salt, paprika, and parmesan cheese, are gone! Or shall I say inhaled by Cleo, my I-eat-anything-not-nailed-down dog! So I scream “oh no” and Speed yells “Now what?” I then yelled “Cleo ate half the damn potatoes!” to which I hear “Fuck!” Speed yells, “This is why she needs to be a shop dog!” I don’t reply, but as Cleo walks into the bathroom where he is, he yells at her “This is why you’re shitting all over the place!” I then throw away the rest of the food, wash the dish, and start all over again. Luckily dinner wound up being good, I guess I’m just going to chill for the rest of the evening, and hopefully it’s uneventful! I’m thinking I’m not even going to bother to let Speed try to redeem himself, I just hope to have enough wine in me that I can pass out!

I woke up around 2:30 am having to pee like crazy! When I get back Cleo decides to brace me from falling off the bed and heaves herself on my right side blocking me from getting out. I eventually have to have the potato sack from there to in between me and Speed because I can’t stand being pinned down with no control over the covers. Especially since I can’t go back to sleep. I decide to turn on the side lamp and read some of the Hunger Games. Reading usually helps me fall asleep, but I guess you can say I was sleeping from 8:00 pm the night before when I crashed on the couch. Speed finally woke me up to tell me to go to bed just so he could stretch out on the couch. Well, the book is so damn good that I don’t start to doze off until 5:55 am! So I eventually fall asleep and for the first time since we’ve been here Speed gets up before me! Of course I don’t get to sleep in long because I’m woken up to him yelling “Mother Fucker!” I’m assuming the worst, a repeat of yesterday if you will, Cleo pooping on the floor. Well, you didn’t think a pound of raw potatoes with cooking oil, pepper, paprika, and salt was gonna be pretty did you? OH NO!!! Speed picked it up this time and I came behind with the Resolve! There were several spots in the guest room and upstairs; she also peed upstairs. Not only that, but there is some sheet rock dust on the carpet, where they had to open up a spot to get the upstairs shower and hook it up (more about the plumbing to come later), and some old pee….Did you know that pee and sheet rock dust make a sort of paste? I wouldn’t recommend it for craft projects because of the smell, hygiene, and all; but if you’re ever in a bind…now ya know….
Needless to say breakfast was the two last brownies! It’s not even noon, and that’s when the plumber and the previous owner will be showing up. It’s gonna be some day!


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I'm a thirty-something unemployed teacher, who has recently moved out to the middle-of-nowhere and gotten married. My only job now is to find out what to do with the rest of my life and take care of a husband and several dogs on a budget all while trying to keep my sanity! Easy! Right?!

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